Wednesday, May 23, 2012


For the last sentence; I mean WE not they.....
really, being pregnant can cause you be absent-minded from
time to time. *winks*
How Far Along: 27 weeks! Next week, it will be officially 3rd trimester!!!! Holy bats! To some people; 3rd trimester starts this week, but I am following what my doctor tells me, and she says 3rd trimester starts next week. I will also be 7 months pregnant! That means every 2 weeks doctor appointment until our little guy gets here! 

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is between 13.6 to 14.8 inches long, and between 2 to 2.5 pounds! He is as big as a Rutabaga vegetable. For those who aren't sure what Rutabaga is (I was not sure either until I found out via Google); it is an European version of a cabbage, and it looks kind of like an overgrown Radish. 

Total Weight Gain: 19 pounds. I feel like I have gained a bit more from this recent weekend! My family fed me too much yummy food. 

Stretch Marks: Feeling pretty good for almost reaching 30 weeks without a single of stripe on my belly! Watch me, I might have jinxed myself by typing this though! 

Maternity Clothes: I still mix my pre-pregnancy shirts with my maternity shirts. I need to get new tank top; I am starting to outgrow my small maternity tank top because the lower part of my stomach is starting to be exposed. I feel like I have a beer belly now. *winks* My pre-pregnancy pants are definitely OUT. My belly is too low and my hips got wider so I don't feel comfortable wearing my regular jeans anymore. Thank goodness for spandex leggings and comfortable yoga pants! 

Sleep: My hips have started to hurt again despite me switching my positions all night along and getting up to stretch for my bathroom trips. Dr. Mbah says that it is because my bones are receiving more relaxin hormones to loose them up especially in the third trimester to prepare for labor and delivery.

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Touring the maternity wing at the hospital where I plan on giving birth, Seeing Baby Russ's room slowly being filled with all the things we will be using for him, visiting my family this recent weekend, enjoying this beautiful weather, my goofy pets making me smile, getting pictures that my Dad took printed and hopefully framed this week, my baby quilt completed,  & visiting my family earlier this week.

Food Craving(s): Strawberries is still very big on my menu along with cheese and crackers. I am almost out on my step-dad's homemade strawberry jams. I may have to bring back empty jars and ask him for more! I still crave for meat, french fries, and a bit of sweet food. 

Food Aversion(s): Same, really, anything greasy or oily makes my tummy upset. I love eating Sudden Pasta by Betty Crocker, but lately, the oil in it upsets my stomach. So I try to avoid anything that includes oil in the dishes. 

Symptoms: Rib pain is back with full vengeance. Yay. Sometimes I have to push Baby Russ down to just get some relief for my ribs. The newest thing lately is that if I laugh too hard or sneeze, I end trickling a bit of pee and yes, that's not very fun! Starting to feel really big with my pregnancy. I have to eat frequent smaller meals now because right now, the baby is pressing all of my organs up and there's not much space in my stomach to expand now. So there's no way I can eat a large meal in one sitting anymore. 

Movements: My favorite thing about this pregnancy is feeling my little guy. He's a bit stubborn though. If people want to feel him move then he moves away or stop moving. I can feel his butt or head! Stu loves to feel my stomach for his butt or head (you can tell because there's something very hard pressing against my belly and it feels round). 

What Do I Miss: My energy. I think I can officially say good-bye to my second trimester burst of energy. Just gotta take it easy these days now. 

Belly Button In or Out: It is out! It is not inverted completely enough to be irritated by my shirts. It's just flat outtie. I have a feeling that toward the end; my belly button will be poking against my shirts, and I may be covering it with band-aid. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: I keep it off during night and still wearing it during the day. 

Looking Forward To: The baby shower with Russ family! I'm excited about getting together over Memorial Weekend to eat great food, hang out with a wonderful company, having Stu home for a long weekend and relax. I love visiting our families. They're bunch of fun! 

Next Appointment: May 30th at 1 pm. It's coming up fast!