Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Do I Watch TV & Movies?

Some of you may wonder how I watch TV and movies. Do I read lips? Do I even watch TV or movies? Do I enjoy going to movie theater? 

I do definitely watch TV shows and movies. I do enjoy an occasional trip to a movie theater. And no, I don't rely on lip-reading to enjoy them. Stu does not interpret for me. 

This is where our technology comes in super handy. I rely on Closed-Captioning (CC) to enjoy what I am seeing on TV and movies. CC is the text that shows up on TV as white letters inside black box. Here's a picture of what I am talking about: 

I am used to reading CC on TV and movies. The speed and pace depends on the speed of the character talking. I have no problem keeping up with the pace and speed most of the time. Sometimes, I do get frustrated if CC is messed up or does not spell words properly. It is not very often that this happens. 

I have been asked if having CC on TV bothers Stu since he is hearing. Most of the time, Stu doesn't mind. The only time when it bothers him is when CC is too fast or is delayed rather being on time with people talking. 

Some of my friends, who are already mothers, enjoy leaving CC on their TV for their toddlers. The studies have shown that kids do pick up faster on reading development if they are able to associate sounds with CC on TV. Interesting stuff, right? 

Now for movie does this work?

Marcus Theater is really good company that provides Open Captioning (OC) for listed movies. What I normally do is check out their website and check out the list of OC movies that will be playing for the month. Some movies listed are not that great while some others would be something I would like to go and watch with Stu. Marcus Theaters normally does a great job of mixing up kid and adult movie choices on the list. It is not ideal, but better than nothing, right? 

OC is very different than CC. The difference is that OC is just white letters in the bold without being boxed in a black text area. Here's an example: 

Do I still go to see a movie in the movie theater even if there's no OC? Sure! I do. I enjoy going just because I like the environmental sounds coming from the movie speaker. Stu fills me in from time to time as needed. I tend to prefer action and horror movies over comedy because it has less talking in them and it puts less strain on my eyes trying to read lips to figure out what is going on. 

When there's a movie that I want to see and it is not on the list of schedule for OC and I don't want to go to see it in the theater then I typically wait until it comes out on DVD for rent. That way I can watch it with CC.

Other common question I get from hearing people is that they wonder if they have CC on their TV. The answer is yes. All TV does come with CC feature which is really nice for me when I come over to visit someone's house! :) 


  1. marcus theather is phasing out OC movies now.. and they are trying this new hand held box which work about 50 percent of the time. Andy and I went to try one time because we like going to see movies.. and the box would not even work.. and we tried 3 different boxes. It sucked. Its great that theyre trying to make movies more accessible that you can almost go to any movie you want now.. but the stupid thing has to work!! lol

    1. Actually, they aren't. They are keeping OC, but cutting down the schedule to have OC since the "audience demand" is not high. So instead of having it every weekend; they are probably going to have it once to twice a month. Boo.

      You are right about one thing though; They also want to have rear-view captioning for all type of movies to be more flexible. Other movie theaters are still kind of "behind" and haven't gotten either OC or rear-view captioning.

  2. I often use subtitles anyway! Not sure why!
    And I watch a lot of foreign movies and it is amazing how lost you can get in it and barely notice.
    Of course your experience is very different, and I just love how you articulate your experiences :)