Thursday, June 7, 2012


How Far Along: 29 weeks! It  is hard to believe that I'll be 30 weeks next week. It seems like yesterday when I just learned that I am pregnant. I alternate between thinking wow, time flies to ugh, I feel I've been pregnant forever! 

How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is between 15.2 to 16.7 inches long and about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds. He's as big as an Acorn Squash. 

Total Weight Gain: 28 pounds. I sure feel as if I had swallowed a basketball! 

Stretch Marks: The only obvious mark I have on my stomach is the darkening Linea Nigra. My belly has been feeling itchy a lot more these days so I've been applying Coca Palmer lotion on my belly more frequently now. 

Maternity Clothes: I got a bunch of hand-down cute shirts and couple dresses that I am able to wear over the summer! One of those hand-down shirts was pictured above...cute, right? 

Sleep: Fair enough. I am not complaining. Baby Russ has been making a habit of waking me up at early sunrise every morning especially if I turn to my right side (he seems to like to sleep on the right side) so I feel him moving and jabbing. 

Best Moment(s) Of The Week: Aiken Baby Shower was awesome! I got so much stuff that we needed for Baby Russ. I had a feeling that we were pretty much covered for everything! I loved everything that I got from the shower. Seeing adorable things that my aunt Marlene made for the shower put a smile on my face. I had to laugh at my last childbirth class--we were starting Infant Care 101, and our teacher focused on breastfeeding prep. Stu cracked up the whole class from being goofy, and using his diary cow farming experience to compare with breastfeeding. Silly guy. Getting congratulatory cards in the mail always made me smile! Being a part of a wonderful mommy groups online and waiting for my friends to deliver their babies anytime soon! 

Onesies and burp clothes made into roses

Food Craving(s): I have been really liking blackberries a lot lately. I can easily consume a box of Blackberries in one sitting if I am not too careful! To my surprise; I am liking black beans in my diet--I used to be super picky eater and really hate black beans. Mind you, it's not the same as Bush beans--yuck; I still don't like them and avoid them at all cost. Black beans are surprisingly not bad and the texture isn't bad if it's mixed in with salad or other things. 

Food Aversion(s): Unchanged. 

Symptoms: Sore rib. That obviously has not changed. My bladder no longer can contain itself especially when Baby Russ is sitting low! I've had an accident where I peed my pants from waiting a bit too long--crap--so that means if I gotta go then I gotta go NOW. My round ligament has been more painful this trimester especially on my right lower side. Grow, little guy, grow! 
I have been trying to tell myself this, but does not ring true at all.
(Big Bang Theory; Sheldon)

Movements: Baby Russ is probably getting a bit crowded in his home. My stomach jiggles and moves as he moves around. He has been a slider lately--sliding around and elbowing or pushing out with his heels. It's the most bizarre thing I have ever seen in my whole life! I feel like I have an alien inside me wanting to get out. Baby Russ also moves when he is sampling food and likes the food that I've eaten. 

What Do I Miss: Being able to breath and having energy. I'm running out of both! I'm looking forward to when Baby Russ drops so I can breath easier.....yet at the same time, it will be hard on my bladder! So there's no win-situation in this case. I don't have the same energy as I used to in my second trimester. I miss it and want it back!! 

Belly Button In or Out: OUT. I feel like a cooked turkey! 

Wedding Ring On or Off: I decided to keep my ring off. I'm tired of taking it off and on according to the weather. It is just easier to take it off and keep it in a safe spot until Baby Russ is here. It does feel really weird to walk around in the public without my ring and I feel like people thinks I'm a single pregnant woman! 

Looking Forward To: Finally being able to set up Baby Russ's nursery room! 

Next Appointment: June 12 at 10:30 am. That's next week! I'm kind of not used to that just yet! 


  1. Love reading this one! You are so funny! I love the shirt on you- great color! And I'd feel like a single pregnant lady w/o a ring too! :)

    You really are such a cute preggo lady! :)