Thursday, June 14, 2012


How Far Along: 3-0 weeks! 30!!! We are about 10 weeks away from meeting my little boy (give or take a week or two)!! 


How Big Is Baby: Baby Russ is now in 3-pounds range! He is between 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. He is as big as an English Hothouse Cucumber. What a funny name for a cumber, eh? 

Total Weight Gain: -1, lost a pound since the last appointment even though I was not sure why given with how much I have been eating lately! Dr. Mbah didn't seem to be worried at all because I've been eating well so far.  So, 27 pounds it is! 

Stretch Marks: Nada. I'm kind of surprised that I've made this far without any tiger stripes. So I'm still knocking on the wood. 

Maternity Clothes: I'm mixing up all clothes I have in my maternity stock. I'm glad that I have a quite nice variety of shirts, dresses, a yoga pants, and leggings!

Sleep: It is the same old. I like using my body pillow to support my belly. Stu says that I am a terrible bed cover hog because the blanket rolls into with my body pillow as I roll over to my sides during the night. It's a good thing that Stu doesn't mind! 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Having our family friends; Sue and Roseanne to let me know that Baby Russ's quilt is all done, and I am absolutely thrilled about it! My new changing table will be shipped to my house (we decided we wanted a bigger changing table and Carter's offered to send us a new changing table). Feeling Baby Russ's heartbeat on the fetal monitor--he is at 153, steady and strong! I love that part at my appointments. Getting ready to wash Baby Russ's clothes and bed sheets! 

Food Craving(s): O-M-G; I had a terrible craving for mini-tacos, random I know,  the other night, and Stu was more than happy to oblige to do a food store run to pick up just mini-tacos for me. I was one very happy lady that night! 

Food Aversion(s): Unchanged. I just avoid the food I don't like and I'm golden. 

Symptoms: Still with the sore ribs! My guy really likes to hang out in that particular spot and pushes everything up against my poor ribs. I have to lean forward or walk around in order to get him to move lower in my belly. Geez. Acid Reflux from my heartburn is awful--I hate it because the acid goes up into my throat and it burns! Fortunately, I don't have this very often--just recently because I've been eating a bit too much spicy food! Walking up stairs is getting harder for me and I get out of breath easily. I am starting to hate laundry days just for that reason. I am peeing a lot more now--I thought it was bad if I drink a glass of juice/water then I have to go in 5 minutes. Oy. I am getting Braxton-Hicks now especially after long walks with my dog. My whole belly gets very hard. It doesn't hurt at all--just really uncomfortable and it passes within 60 seconds. It's crazy! 

Movements: Baby Russ likes to stretch out and it is weirdest thing EVER. The sensation is hard to explain. It does not hurt at all. When Baby Russ's butt, head, foot or elbow pushes out from the inside; that particular area of my skin bulges out, and gets hard--I can feel Baby Russ. Then I can feel the skin stretching inside. He does not roll around anymore so I am assuming he's getting kind of cramped inside his little home. All he can really do is jab, poke, stretch, or kick at this point. 

What Do I Miss: Wine. Food that I cannot touch like poppy seeds Kolaches (it's a pastry filled with fruit or whatnot--my favorite is poppy seed), Sushi, Cured meat, licking batter from the bowl (it has raw egg in it), Deli meat like Ham that is COLD not heated, and I want my body back so I can eat all that stuff! 

Belly Button In or Out: Psh, it has been out for some time now. People can notice my belly button through my shirts. Fortunately, shirts haven't been bothering my belly button. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: Off. I've put it away in a safe spot until Baby Russ is born. I have no swelling at all, but I want to be safe than sorry. I'm thinking about purchasing a cheap fake ring in a bigger size--I just feel so naked without it!

Looking Forward To: Having my mom visit and staying the whole week with me while Stu goes to his AP history conference at O'Lakes, and having my aunts come up for a day to help us with decorating and organizing  Baby Russ's nursery! 

Next Appointment: Tuesday June 26th. At that appointment, I need my blood-work up done again to re-check my Platelet level. For those that aren't sure what Platelet is; it is found in blood stream and it plays a factor with clotting the blood. The blood work from my Glucose test shows that my Platelet level is on the low side. Dr. Mbah wants it to be rechecked. Basically, if my platelet and CBC levels are still low when it gets closer to when I deliver my boy then it means the epidural and drugs are definitely OUT--it affects the blood clotting process even more. It won't affect the way how I deliver Baby Russ though. Let's see if my CBC/Platelet levels will be normalized or stays the same until Baby Russ is ready to be born. 


  1. you look great!! Can't believe you are so close already!

  2. Eeeeek **happy dance**
    I think it is so amazing that you will be able to treasure and keep this record of the pregnancy and just so happy you are so willing to share <3