Thursday, June 28, 2012


How Far Along: 32 weeks! I'm now in the eighth month of my pregnancy! It is getting so close to us meeting our little boy!

How Big Is Baby Russ: Baby Russ is the size of a squash! He is now in 4-pounds range (sure feels like it, ha!), and is between 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. 

Total Weight Gain: 32 pounds; 5 pounds total gain since the last doctor visit. So little guy is really growing!! Dr. Mbah said that since I have a compact belly; she has a feeling, based on her experience of working with pregnant women, that my body should be back to normal at some point after birth. Nice to have her vote of confidence, ha. 

Stretch Marks: Nothing other than a dark mark running vertically in the middle of my belly! 

Sleep: Still trying to catch up on my sleep from last week. Otherwise with my normal pregnancy ailments that I am so used to by now doesn't bug me. My stomach is starting to have a lot of weigh in it so it feels weird to lay on my side without my pillow propping it up! 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Having my aunts help me decorate Baby Russ's room, Grandma Tree buying some things for Baby Russ (she's spoiling him so bad already) finishing up the final touches to the room,  seeing our classmates at Ripon 5 Years Reunion, securing the glider and ottoman that we really wanted from Baby R Us (long story short: BRU we went to did not have the glider and ottoman we wanted in the stock since it was on clearance, but the lady managed to find the exact same one at BRU in other state and ordered it for us. The best part? It was even marked down with discounts even with it being on clearance. Score!), celebrating our first wedding anniversary, Dad surprising me with buying us a Baby Bullet set which is something I've been wanting for my whole pregnancy, seeing more babies from my mommy TNH group, glider rocker arriving earlier than we anticipated, feeling Baby Russ's heart beat at 151, knowing that Baby Russ is finally head-down, and knowing that Baby Russ is coming so soon! 

Preview of nursery room so far: 

Long shot of crib wall. I blacked out the
frames because we did not want to announce
Baby Russ's first name just yet!
The clutter will be cleared up once our changing
table arrives! 

Your first breath took ours away quote

Tree with a bluebird

My aunt Marlene hung up the forest friends
on the curtain rod itself and bought a
second rod for the curtain. It worked out
great, don't you think? 

The quilt I made and the dresser
(The clutter will be cleared once we get
our changing table)

Bubbles/polka dots

Other tree branch with shelf that holds
Baby Russ shoes! 

Organizer for baskets that holds
first aid, diapering needs, bathing needs,
& mommy needs. 

This is where our changing table will be placed.
Other tree with shelves that holds owls! 

Our new glider! 

Food Craving(s): Typical same old. Cheese, meat, and fruit. This guy is pretty good with eating whatever I like. Baby Russ doesn't mind the spicy food even though it gives him hiccups. 

Food Aversion(s): Same old. Greasy stuff just turns my stomach. It seems that ice cream is really hard on my stomach more so now than pre-pregnancy (Baby Russ does like ice cream because he moves like crazy if I eat a bit of it--it is just that my stomach doesn't agree with ice cream that great). 

Symptoms: Tingly/sensitive muscle underneath my rib--Baby Russ's favorite hang out spot (I found a perfect remedy though--bouncing on the yoga ball seems to encourage Baby Russ to nudge out of his favorite spot), klutzy, out of breath, more pressure in my lower stomach, peeing like a horse all of the time, fatigue, round ligament pain, a bit of itchy belly especially on the sides, sore feet and feeling VERY pregnant

Labor Signs: Nothing except Braxton-Hicks. My whole tummy gets tight and it feels uncomfortable even though not painful. 

Movements: Baby Russ is pretty chill this week because I am so busy running around fixing up his room, and doing errands. I think he's being rocked to sleep a lot lately. Even so, he has been wiggly little bug especially if I eat grapes, strawberries or something he really likes!

What Do I Miss: Having a pain-free ribs. 

Belly Button In or Out: Out. It doesn't bother me. 

Wedding Ring On or Off: Off for most part. I do still wear my wedding ring when we go out for any special occasions. Otherwise I keep it off because with this heat, it is harder to take my ring off, and I don't want to risk having it to be cut off my finger. 

Looking Forward To: Celebrating July of 4th! I love fireworks--they are so much fun to watch! 

Next Appointment: Wednesday July 11th at 1:45 pm. My latest update about Platelet level is that it is unchanged from the last month. The numbers is still in a low least it is stable/unchanged. Instead of having my blood drawn again in two weeks, I will just have it done next month to double check and make sure my CBC stays the same! 


  1. you've gotten bigger since the last time I saw you.. I think its time for one or two more visits before He gets here!!!

  2. Congrads. Having a baby is the hardest most wonderful thing you will ever do. Enjoy and have fun.That baby is very lucky to be born into such a great family.

  3. Looking very good these days. :)