Friday, July 20, 2012


How Far Along: 35 weeks! It's my last week of being in 8th month of my pregnancy. Then I'll enter 9th month. Wow, it is really getting closer to me having this little boy!

**Just interjecting exciting piece of news; today is a month away from my due date! Holy Batman and Robin!**


How Big Is Baby Russ: My little guy is still in 5 pounds range, and is between 17.2 to 18.7 inches long. He won't be getting any taller,   but he's definitely plumping up! He will continue to gain half a pound to a pound per week from now on. Baby Russ is as big as a coconut! 

Total Weight Gain: 34 pounds. 

Stretch Marks: None. 

Sleep: Eh, I'll take what I can! I still get up randomly during the night to pee. Interesting fact: Baby Russ is now peeing out a pint of urine every day! 

Best Moment(s) Of The Week: I got a care package for Baby Russ in the mail from Mary, and to my great surprise, I got a beautiful quilt that was handmade with a lot of love from her (the picture is down below). Knowing that our due date is A MONTH AWAY! Got all of my nursing clothes in the mail this week. I even started packing our hospital bag! Whoo whoo. 

Food Craving(s): I've been craving a lot of cheese lately. I think it is because I need more calcium in my diet! Or Baby Russ is just a regular good ole Wisconsin boy! 

Food Aversion(s): Pretty much the same. 

Symptoms: Sore rib area; that is nothing new, right? I think my little guy is really a long baby because his head is causing some pressure in my lower belly while his feet are sticking up into my ribs. Let's see if my guess is right when he is born! I've been getting a lot more emotional these days (up and down). I get dizzy on and off quite often and I find it helpful when I get up and move around  or lay on my left side to get rid of the dizziness. I find that I cry when I think about giving birth and meeting Baby Russ for the very first time, getting a nice compliment from someone, or seeing stupid ASPCA/Humane society commercials on TV! 

I blacked out a naughty word in case if you are
wondering why there's a big black spot in the middle
of the sentence! 

Labor Signs: I had some contractions on Friday the 13th! I was probably being too active and on my feet too much so I rested and it went away within half hour. An occasional back achiness. Other than that, it has been a very quiet week. I think it helps that I am taking it easy and spreading out my errands out during the week instead of trying to cram everything within a day or two. 

Movements: Baby Russ is shaking up a storm inside my belly. It's fun to watch my belly shake out of the blue! He doesn't kick or flip around anymore. So he settles for stretching out and jabbing at anything that presses against him. It doesn't feel good when he does that! It is because the amniotic fluid is no longer cushioning his he's getting to be big and strong!

What Do I Miss: To be honest, I don't have anything that I miss this week. I am feeling content and happy. I am pretty active for being very pregnant and there is not much I can't do. Baby Russ is finally letting me enjoy my sweet food so this makes me to be one very happy mama. Despite this heat, I am doing good, and I am liking summer. It's funny because people warn me that I will be so miserable with this heat, and the thing is, I'm surprisingly fine with the heat. Stu says that I've been handling my pregnancy gracefully. What a darling husband that he is! 

Looking Forward To: Having lunch with my sister, Lauren and her boyfriend, Joey, after our appointment on Friday next week. I'm also eager to be finally entering 9th month of my pregnancy because it means we are so, so, so close to meeting my little boy! 

Next Appointment: Friday July 27th at 10:45 am. 


  1. stumbled on your blog!
    just had our little girl almost 3 weeks ago - good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Looking forward to meet the little guy! :) Stay strong.