Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What To Pack For Your Hospital Bag: Your Baby

Continuing with the segment: What to Pack For your Hospital Bag

Thank you for leaving comments to my blog post yesterday! It was really great to read your feedback and suggestions. It was really interesting how each one of you had differing thoughts/views on what to pack and I enjoyed reading them! 

I will be having my son in August assuming if he wants to come out right on time around the due date. This is what I have packed for him:

1. One piece outfits in varying sizes because I have no clue if 
my baby will turn out to be a chunker, or a skinny little boy. Better
be safe than sorry and pack 2-3 different sizes. 

2. Onesies. I got a great tip from a mommy board that I frequented that
I should pack slightly bigger onesie to avoid from irritating the stump from the 
cord being cut off. 

3. Sleeper bag outfit. This may not going to be even worn at all seeing that
my son will be born in late summer and it will be warm. However, I want to 
include this as in case if it does come in handy. Delivery/recovery room
can be a bit chilly especially with air conditioning blaring during the summer!

4. Mittens. Babies will flail their little arms and hands and accidentally
scratch themselves. This is why you want to swaddle your little one especially
in first 4 months of his/her life. Meanwhile, if you aren't swaddling your newborn
then use mittens! 

Pack 2-3 Receiving blankets! 
It will come in super handy for swaddling your newborn. 
The reason why I am packing 2-3 is because my son will probably
have accidents (pee, poop or throw up) on the blanket. It's better
to have a few at the hand ready as a back-up! 

The last but not the least....

Car seat! 

Speaking about car seat, make sure your base of the car seat is firmly secured in your car, and have it inspected either by your local fire department or police department or hospital (not all hospitals will inspect your car seat). I am planning on latching the car seat between 36-38 weeks. Included with my car seat, I will be installing the shade to prevent sun from shining directly on my baby. There is a car seat cover, but it is not necessary for the day when I am released with my son. So it will be kept in my jeep until I need to use it. 

It is fairly easy to pack for your newborn baby! 

Stay posted for next segment: What To Pack for Yourself and Your Husband/partner. 


  1. Don't need to pack blankets--use the hospital ones--they're the best! I personally didn't bring any clothes other than his 'take home' outfit--everything else was used from the hospital--especially since he needed to be changed so often. Don't overpack--it just got in the way--we ended up bringing stuff back down to the car just to get it out of the way!

  2. Do you have a boppy? That was my favorite thing I brought to the hospital. We used it for guests to comfortably hold him, to prop him up while learning to breastfeed, etc.

    I didn't use any of the outfits I brought except going home outfit and blankets weren't necessary :) we ended up taking 7 hospital blankies home!

    Yay, can't wait to read all about your little man when he comes :)

  3. I only brought the mittens and 2 sleepers in different sizes since I wasn't sure how big he would be. I didn't bother dressing him until it was time to leave, he just stayed swaddled in the hospital blankets the whole time!

  4. No-scratch mittens are of no use. They can actually prevent your baby from learning through touch. It can actually help fine motor development not to use mittens. Babies will scratch themselves yes, but you can prevent that by keeping their nails trim. Needless to say, we never bothered to even use them.

    Also, don't forget the hat! Our hospital gave us one when he was first born, but the one we were given was a knit hat. Being the summer, you may want a lighter hat.

  5. buy an outfit or long-sleeved bodysuit that has built-in cuffs so you don't need to keep track of mittens. i agree on bringing a lightweight hat (baby gap has the cutest ones with a knot on top).