Thursday, July 26, 2012

What To Pack for YOURSELF & Your Husband/Partner

This is the last segment that goes with my posts regarding What To Pack For Your Hospital Bag. Keep in the mind that you can remove some things off the list anytime from ANY Hospital Bag Posts I have written. It's not set in the stone, and is up to you to pack whatever you wish! 

To some, it may seem that I am packing a bit too much. My policy is, better be safe than sorry and over-pack in a bit in event of a possible longer recovery time. Also, it depends on the distance and location of your hospital. If you live far from the hospital where you are planning on giving birth at (hello, me) then it's better to pack extras as opposed to if you live closer to the hospital within 5 minutes to half hour. 

For Yourself:

Coming home outfit: Entirely optional, if you want to come home looking like a million bucks. I just opted for a nice loose shirt with yoga pants.

Comfortable sweat pants: I packed one that is a bit too large in case if I have a C-Section or get swollen from IV fluids.

High waisted grandma underwear: I've spoken with some C-Section mamas and they SWEAR by grandma underwear because it does not rub on their incision. Also, for those who have given vaginally, you would want something comfortable!

1-2 Nursing Tops: It is nice to have an extra in case if your boobs leak right through everything!

Nightgown with a robe: This one is optional. It's just more for comfort thing. Some women doesn't like the idea of having a nightgown after delivering because of PP bleeding while some others adore the idea.

Warm Fuzzy socks: It will come in handy especially if you need to get up and walk around, and it will keep your feet warm!

Overnight nursing bra
Day nursing bra

Your Husband/Partner:

Sweatshirt: We did a tour of our maternity ward plus we had our labor and delivery scare and we had to stay in our delivery/recovery room. It was so cold! If you are having a baby in middle of the summer then you can bet that your room will be cold due to air conditioning. Also, giving birth is a hard work--you will get hot and want to have a lower temperature. Therefore, your husband/partner will get cold! So be considerate and get him/her something warm to wear on the top!

Sweatpants or PJ bottom: Wouldn't you want your spouse to be comfortable as well? Some Mamas have suggested, if you and your partner aren't too far from home then your partner should head home to get some sleep instead of at the hospital!

Cash and/or Coins for food and vending machines:  Face it, you may not be hungry while you're laboring for 10-12 hours, but your husband/partner will be!

Socks: I admit that I almost forgot the socks for my husband seeing that it will be August and he will probably be wearing flip-flops. So he might want his feet to be warm especially for when he's sleeping at the night!


A couple shirts

Snacks: Make sure it doesn't give your husband/partner a bad breath! I have been told by some mamas that they were upset at their partners' lack of nice breath at the birth! 

Extra Stuff You Might Want to Consider: 

Phone/laptop/kindle/nook Chargers
A fully charged camera: Of course, to take pictures of your beautiful newborn!

Maxi Pads: I was told by a Mommy that it was good to bring 1-2 along because the hospital will only give you 1-2 super giant pads and you'll be itching to get rid of them soon enough!

A book
A crossword puzzle
A Kindle/Nook/Laptop 
A Journal: I do plan on bringing my journal along to document my birth experience so it stays fresh in my mind!

Hair Tie and Bobby Pins
Glasses if you and/or your husband/partner wear one
Hair Brush

Boppy Pillow: Some mamas say it has come in handy for breastfeeding if you are planning on it!

Yoga Ball:  I'm planning on bringing one for myself.

Flame-less Candles: Many hospitals do not allow flammable candles and if you want to focus on something that smells good to relax you through labor then you can purchase a flame-less candle or those that you can dump oil in and have it warm up to get it smell good in your room.

Focal Point: Can be a baby blanket, outfit, or anything to help you get through labor!

Body Pillow: I will be bringing one for myself because I hate flat hospital pillows! Besides, it's nice to have something from home! 


If there is something you wish to bring along with and you don't see it on my list or in any of my posts then feel free to bring it for yourself! Same goes with if you see something you don't want to bring/pack on my list or in my posts then there's no need to pack it!

Stay tuned for my WEEK 36 Bump watch tomorrow evening! 

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  1. I also brought my own pillow and blanket. Those hospital pillows are FLAT! And even though I kept having hot flashes/cold flashes for the first couple of days, having my own fleece blanket was nice.

    As far as the pads, my hospital had long narrow pads that itched like crazy. I didn't bring my own maxi pads, but I sure wish I had. (I really liked the Always Maxi overnight with wings.)