Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Week Old!

I swore during my pregnancy that I was not going to be one of those mamas that talked, bragged, and doted constantly about their babies. It was not that I did not like hearing/reading about others' babies. It was that I was aware that there was several people out there that simply did not give a hoot and may end up being annoyed to hear all about babies. They think there's more to life than babies. It is true--there is more to life than just about your baby. However, once a baby is born from you, that baby becomes your life, and he/she means the world to you. You want to shout from the mountain top how precious your little one is. So you will see blog posts about my son. If you find that tedious then feel free to skip that post and wait for either It's the Deaf Thing or other posts that are unrelated to my baby. 

Forrest is now one week old. I am in awe of how fast time has flown since the day I gave birth to him. Every day I wake up to see a new day with Forrest, I find that he has grown fatter, and bigger. My heart swells at the sight of him. It has been an eventful week for Russ family.

What We Have Learned In A Week 

I get mushy and gushy every time when I read something touching like this:

A Day Before You Were Born (Anonymous

A day before you were born, I could feel you move.
You kicked and punched and danced to your very own groove.

Three months before you were born, I saw your tiny face. 
Sucking your thumb, curled up, in a tiny dark space.

Five months before you were born, I learned you were a boy. 
We painted your nursery blue and bought your very first toy. 

Seven months before you were born, we brainstormed your sweet name,
I couldn't feel you or see you yet, but you were there all the same. 

Eight months before you were born, I stared at a pink plus sign,
knowing that at that moment, I was pregnant with a child of mine. 

You started off so small--tinier than a pea,
but all along you were the same sweet boy who now plays in front of me. 

It is sometimes hard to decipher where our lives truly begin,
but we all started in the same sweet place--hidden and tiny within. 

Forrest made it through 50 minutes car drive home! He was a bit fussy in the beginning and ended up being a champ by sleeping through the entire drive. 

I think he must have been used to driving motion from my pregnancy (I drove a lot while I was pregnant). 

First two nights were the hardest. Forrest was fussy especially so between 2 am to 5:30 am. I watched the sun come up, completely exhausted yet so blessed to have finally a content happy boy sleeping in my arms. 

No matter what time it is during the day or night, I look at my son and fall in love with him all over again. 

Grandmas are the best. Seriously. My mom has been a tremendous help for first few days and continues to be.

Sleep while Forrest is sleeping is the key!

Forrest hates all types of pacifier except Nuk (1st picture has that type of pacifier). I find it funny
because it is so big on him! 

Layla, our dog, is absolutely fascinated by Forrest. She is concerned every time he cries, and checks him out when she can. It puts my heart at ease knowing that our dog is fabulous with our baby. 

Always cover Forrest's boy parts or I'll get hosed. I had to learn it in a hard way....three times. And I still
get sprayed if I did not cover his fire hose in time.

Going to a simple place like Target has become a major event. It is never in and out anymore.
I don't leave house in 5 minutes...now I leave the house within half hour.

Before having Forrest, I never felt natural at holding a baby. Now I'm an old pro at it!

My heart is full of contradictions. It breaks a little that my little man is a week old today and is
outgrowing his newborn clothes (already) yet my heart rejoices at knowing that he is a
healthy growing boy!

Forrest has lost a half of inch. He's now 20 and half inches long thanks to the swelling on his head
going down!

Forrest's smile causes my heart to swell triple-fold.

I no longer shower every day.

My hair is always messy.

I get between 2 hours of sleep in intervals every night.

I have seen more sunrises now than I used to.

Coffee and I are best friends. Without that, I'd be a walking dead.

I am covered in either pee, spit up, or milk. I no longer have clean shirt these days.
And I really don't care as long as my little boy is happy.

Even though I am a bit hormonal and cry occasionally, this has been a fun ride to be Forrest's mama! 

Even though I don't think it is possible, I fall deeper in love with Stuart every time I see him
holding our son. 

I feel complete. 



  1. This is soooo amazing!!! :)

  2. Congratulations, again! What a special time you're in the midst of, and you've captured it beautifully in this post. Welcome, little Forrest!

  3. I get the same amount of sleep :( it's so much different when you sleep 8 hours long, and then sleep 8 hours in intervals.

  4. He's already smiling *squish*
    Wonderful mummy and daddy :)

  5. Oh my gosh Congratulations!!!! Gosh you are so so very blessed as is he to have you!

    PS- 1/2 an hour to leave the house??? That's RECORD time with a newborn. Should probably be more like 1-4 hours. Or, basically, nowhere before noon. lol.