Thursday, August 9, 2012


How Far Along: 38 Weeks!

How Big Is Baby Russ: Baby Russ is now between 6-8 pounds. I'm hoping he's on the lighter side! He can be anywhere between 18.2 to 20.9 inches long. Baby Russ is as big as a pumpkin! 

Total Weight Gain: 41 pounds. Come on, little guy, come out already!!! 

Sleep: So-so. My lower back and inconsistent contractions have been bothering me a lot lately. I wake up at random hours to pee, and have to find a right comfortable spot every time I turn over to my side if my hip hurts on a particular side. Also, I admit a lot of excitement is keeping me up. Is this the night/morning/day when Baby Russ wants to come? 

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Visiting Teri (one of my very good friends)! It was really great seeing her and I had a wonderful time with her. Getting a football cocoon bag with football hat from my sorority sister's aunt in the mail! Feeling my baby's heartbeat on the fetal doppler like always. Packing up my jeep with our hospital bag--that makes everything feel a bit more real that Baby Russ is coming soon. Finding a newborn photographer, and in the process of working out something with her to take pictures of Baby Russ shortly after he's born!

Food Craving(s): Unchanged.

Food Aversion(s): Same old. 

Symptoms: Aching lower back, increasing cramping, nausea, and a bit of swollen feet from all the walking I've been doing lately! 

CBC Update: My result came back and my platelet level has stabilized from last week. This week result will come tomorrow or on Monday depending on the lab processing. Even though my blood level has shown that it is stable from last week and even if it is stable again this week then I might still have to be induced between 39-40 weeks. My doctor isn't too crazy about my blood level fluctuating too much.

Labor Signs: Still at 1-2 cm and 50% effaced despite me trying different ways to bring on the labor. I am told that my pelvis region may be separating a bit (sounds more painful than it really is, I promise). Other than that, Baby Russ is not budging. My mom has jokingly said that I've been taking way too good care of him to the point where he just doesn't want to come out! Even so, Stu and I aren't really in a big hurry right now. We are enjoying our last few days or week(s) before Baby Russ makes his debut! 

Movements: Baby Russ has been less active these days. I am told it is because he's simply crowded in his home, and getting prepared to be born! Nothing that a little sweet or orange juice can't fix--it makes him move from being sugar high! He has been sticking his foot out a lot more lately for some reason! It's funny when my stomach starts to bulge out in one area from his foot and people can see it through my shirt! 

What Do I miss: I am like a kid before Christmas morning! I can't wait for Baby Russ to come out. Needless to say, I am not really missing anything at this point....wait, there's one thing that I nearly forgot...I MISS a big fat DELI SANDWICH. Nom Nom. 

Looking Forward To: Baby Russ's arrival and eating that darn deli sandwich now I think about it. 

Next Appointment: Thursday August 16th at 4:45 pm. I'm hoping it will be my last or second to last appointment! 


  1. For dinner and lunch in the hospital I got deli sandwiches, and there was a Subway conveniently close to the hospital! Lunch meat is a big perk to not being pregnant!

  2. You can't eat deli sandwhiches while preggo? I didn't know that!

    1. You are "advised" not to eat deli meat while pregnant unless if you heat it up to specific temperature. I hate warm meat! :P So I haven't had one for my whole pregnancy.

  3. You look FANTASTIC! We hope to be pregnant within the next 3 years and if I look half as good as you do I will be very happy! Enjoy meeting your little boy and I hope you have a smooth labour! Love all the way from the UK!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! :)

  4. I got a very similiar newborn outfit, its for his newborn pics next week :)

  5. That football outfit is just too darn CUTE! And you are still (always) looking fabulous. :)