Thursday, August 16, 2012


How Far Along: 39 weeks!

How Big Is Baby Russ: Baby Russ is anywhere between 6.2 to 9.2 pounds, and is between 18.9 to 20 inches long! He is as big as a watermelon! Thank goodness that he won't be getting bigger than a watermelon. 

Total Weight Gain: Still the same at 41 pounds. No change at all. 

Sleep: I am getting all sleep I can because I'm banking up on my rest. Once Baby Russ gets here, I won't be getting much sleep anymore, and it is okay because it means my son is here with us instead of in my belly! I also get up every 2 hours to go to bathroom. It's annoying, but I'll deal with that for only a few more days?? *Fingers  and toes crossed*

Best Moment(s) of the Week: Finding out that one of my good friends is pregnant again (congrats, mama), ordered our wedding picture prints and getting them in the mail so quickly after ordering them, having a friend make me a gift for Baby Russ, and like always, feeling Baby Russ's heart beat on the fetal doppler. 

Food Craving(s):  Unchanged. Matter of fact, I find that I am less hungry these days. There's just not much space in my stomach anymore with Baby Russ crowding up everything inside! I eat less but more frequently during the day. 

Food Aversion(s): Still the same--greasy food. 

Symptoms: Sore hips, pelvis, lower back, and ribs! For me, third trimester is the most difficult to deal with seeing that I had easy 1st and 2nd trimesters. I'm chugging along though and being a good mama about this whole thing! Matter of fact, Stu gave me a nice compliment the other day by telling me that I have been handling my pregnancy like a pro! Thanks darling husband. :-) I also have been noticing swollen feet. I think it is from all the walking I have been doing! I've been feeling really wired and an urge to prepare the house for our baby--I spent good chunks of Monday and Tuesday just cleaning and organizing-- and I still feel a strong urge to continue cleaning even though everything is set! 

Labor Signs: I had some intense contractions on Friday the 11th and it looked like a real deal...then it stopped! AHH. I had my membranes stripped and started having contractions ever since. 

Let's hope it is like Turtleman from Stu's favorite TV show--The Call Of Wildman signature motto--LIVE ACTION soon! 

Movements: Baby Russ has been moving a lot less these days. He still hiccups, and jiggles his little body. Other than that, he is really running out of space (hint, hint little boy--time to come out) and he's also low inside my pelvis. So he's unable to punch. However, I can feel his little heel and foot sticking around! 

Looking Forward To: Meeting our little guy very, very soon!!!! 


  1. So cute. I love your bump! Hope your little guy comes into this world soon :)

    1. Yay! I hope the next post is Mommy's weekly post. I am excited for you and hope you get to meet baby Russ soon