Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2 Weeks Old!

My little man is 2 weeks old today. I am recovering nicely from birth and my body is returning back to normal. There is some parts that need to be worked off, and even so; I am pretty happy with how quickly my body is slimming down. I still have a weird vertical line on my belly. If it won't go away then I would honestly not care because it is worth having my son for. Baby Blues have not hit me that hard. I believe it is because I have a lot of support from my loving husband, Stu, when he is home. He certainly dotes on his son! It also helps to have a good number of visitors to keep me a company for first week and half to give me support. Of course, having Mom around certainly helped! 

Mom left on Friday morning. I admit that I was scared shitless! I worried that it was going to be a difficult adjustment to be on my own. How would I shower, clean dishes, clean up the house, walk Layla, feed the cats and Layla, and do errands? Would I go crazy being cooped up inside the house until Forrest gets his immunization shots? Here he was, my little boy, completely helpless and dependent on me to provide what he needed. I did not want to let him down or let myself down. Was I really cut out to be a mom? Fortunately, that fear did pass. 

At the same time, I was also thrilled. I wanted to have a routine established with Forrest and have our lives to finally begin as parents on our own. 

Taking care of Forrest is easier than I predicted! He still sleeps a lot. It is easy to put him in a small portable bassinet and put him in the same room as I am to clean dishes or do household chores or in the bathroom while I am showering. Breastfeeding Forrest is a lot of work, and it is worth the hard work. Forrest is now going through a growth spurt where he is a bit more fussy in the mornings and wanting to eat every hour and half. Sometime he fights me if he is too hungry and I have to calm him down first before feeding him. Once I get a hang of this, it does become easier, and it is still a learning curve for both of us. 

I find that I do miss being pregnant. I miss the fact that I could protect Forrest inside my belly, and feel him move around. I miss that bond that I only can have with my son, and not have to share him. Uh-oh, what a selfish mama that I am! My pregnancy has gone by way too fast yet I am thankful that I was able to enjoy and have a healthy pregnancy. I do miss dressing Forrest in newborn clothes. He outgrew them way too quickly (within a week). I shed a tear or two when I had to put away newborn clothes because Forrest no longer fit in them. Other than that, I feel pretty good about having my son out in the world, and raising him. The touch of Baby Blues is not too bad;  it actually puts a perspective for me to be thankful, feel blessed, and be happy for the whole beautiful experience of having Forrest grow up. 

Forrest went to see his doctor, Dr. Johnson, last week. He gained 11 ounces! He went from being 7 pounds and 4 oz (he lost some ounces once we left the hospital) to being 8 pounds and 1 ounce! 

I am pretty sure that he has gained more now he has been going through a growth spurt--he feels heavier and bigger. 
 Forrest isn't so crazy about the swinger. He doesn't like the swinging motion just yet. Perhaps when he's older? 

Fortunately, he does like the vibration and bouncing settings on his swinger. It soothes him. 

 Forrest certainly loves time with his daddy and the dog. 

We certainly grab every chance to nap while Forrest is sleeping! 

Forrest tends to go to bed between 10-11 pm and stay asleep until 1-2 am to be fed. 
Then he goes to sleep until 4-5 am and needs to be fed again. I tend stay up from a half hour 
to an hour to make sure that Forrest is full and burped. Stu is wonderful by getting up to 
do the diaper duty for me so I can get some rest! We make a good team. 

Even so, we look forward to the night when Forrest sleeps through the whole night! 
(Hopefully around Christmas or January at latest)

 Forrest had been Mr. Popular. A steady crowd of visitors stopped by to see Forrest! He certainly loved being lavished on, kissed, and cuddled by family members and friends. 

 Our pets have been great with Forrest. 

Our cats wouldn't care less. They prefer Forrest's crib over Forrest. We are 
trying to remedy that problem and keep the cats OUT for when we are
ready to transition Forrest to the crib. 

Layla is very protective over Forrest and she also is very curious of him. 
She likes to sniff, lick, and sit next to Forrest. We have to supervise her to make sure
she doesn't get too excited with her sniffing and licking. 

We are really glad and relieved about Layla's reaction toward Forrest. 

It has been an adventure having our little boy at home with us for past 2 weeks! I'm looking forward to other week of craziness!


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