Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 Weeks Old

It is hard to believe that Forrest will be a month old next week! It is mind-boggling how much Forrest has grown in past few weeks. He is becoming more alert and awake for longer periods of time. No longer he is dozing throughout the entire day, and waking up only for his feedings. Forrest smiles, whether it is gas or actual smile, and it's just so cute. His facial expressions make me giggle. Forrest definitely hates having his diapers changed--he wails on top of his lungs, whoo his mama sure can hear him, and kick his little chub legs in the air! Sometimes, he will pee at an insane length across the room or up at the ceiling...who knew that a little stream of pee can go that far?! Forrest also dislikes having baths. He also screams when I do that. After the bath is done; he's as happy as a little baby can be and grins as in saying, goodness I'm glad that is over. 

Unfortunately, his sleeping cycle is still confused. Forrest likes to party between 3 am to 5 am and not sleep. So Stu and I are officially in Up All Night Club. I am planning on brushing up my reading of The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep: Simplest Sleeping Solutions For Kids from Birth to 5 Years by Harvey Karp, MD. That way, we can start incorporating good sleeping habit for Forrest. I'm not really expecting much at this point since Forrest is still a newborn...or is he considered an infant/baby now? I'm waiting for Forrest to hit 2-3 months mark, that's when babies are supposed to sleep through the night, before we transition him to sleeping in his own room in his crib. Scary thought for me! Right now, I am comforted with having Forrest sleeping in his little bassinet in our bedroom. It is also easier that way to nurse Forrest that way instead of having to get up and walk to other room to feed him. Each parents are different with how they want to handle this situation; there is no right and wrong way, and for us, it is right for us to keep Forrest nearby in the meanwhile! 

Forrest is a big hat wearer. He likes to sport hats! It makes his Mama pretty happy because she absolutely loves getting him hand-made hats! 

Time? What time? Literally, it just flies by!! My days blur in together. 
Sometime I forget what day it is. All I can say say is that thank goodness for a
calendar otherwise I'd have lost track of time. 

Warm food? What's that, really? Either I gobble food down pretty fast if I want it to be warm or eat cold food in between Forrest's resting periods. 

Breastfeeding is a challenging experience for both of us. In between his latest cluster feeding due to a growth spurt and not latching on well, I can't say how much we have cried from this just because we both are frustrated. It is difficult having Forrest to go from being a champ feeder to struggling to stay latched on.
Fortunately, I have a great support system from online mama groups and breastfeeding groups and a lactation consultation through the hospital where I gave birth to Forrest, and I am happy to say that we are starting to be back on the right track!

While it is challenging to be a first-time mom to a newborn baby, it is certainly a lot fun to be a mom, and I've caught myself many times smiling at this thought. 

It is also challenging for Stu to be a first time Dad with him being so gone for many hours to teach and coach. Despite his crazy fall schedule, Stu is a natural Dad and loves to spend time with Forrest. It warms my heart to see him holding, kissing, and talking to Forrest when he is home. I feel pretty lucky to have a great Dad to help me out throughout the night with diaper changes and burping! 

Forrest is already becoming a true Wisconsinite boy and being a hardcore Green Bay Packers fan!

Forrest and I enjoy our daily morning walks and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. Layla has been a great dog and is able to walk well with my stroller.

Layla alerts me, if I am in other room, and Forrest is crying. It is pretty cute how she comes up to me and circles then runs to the other room where Forrest is. She jumps up on her front paws and looks over Forrest until I am there to pick up Forrest and console him. She is a good guardian.

Every single day, Forrest grows a bit bigger and my heart soars at the sight of him. When I think I don't have any more love to give, I discover that there is no limit to how much I love this little guy of mine, and I feel so lucky to be his mama.

A quick sneak peek to Forrest's professional picture session! I am so in love with the pictures and truly cannot wait to see more. It is somewhat hard to just get few sneak preview of pictures one at time!! :-) So I am eagerly looking forward to getting a master CD with pictures on it!

The pictures were taken by Michelle.
Here's her site: Patooties Photography & Boutique.
Facebook page: Patooties Photography and Boutique.

Feel free to check out her work via the links I've posted above! If you are from the area then I strongly recommend you to look into booking a session with Michelle.

Have a lovely week and remember to enjoy small things!



  1. His little face carries so much expression so young. So beautiful.
    He suits his name so wonderfully too :)
    And I love how you say he likes to party ;)

  2. Love his football hat, it's so cute!

  3. What a cutie! I LOVE how Layla is such a protector! How absolutely adorable!!!