Friday, September 21, 2012

Mr. Forrest Gray is a Month Old!

As a sentimental and gushy mama that I am, I am bit teary that my little man is one month old today! It is an awesome milestone for sure. This guy continues to steal a piece of my heart every single day.

I had waited 9 long months to meet Forrest, and it finally happened. A month ago, I was being induced and I was about to become a mama very soon. A month ago, I was laboring and giving birth to bring a beautiful baby into the world. It was one of the best days of my life. The pain, tears, and sweat all were worth it. A month ago, I held a precious 7 pounds and 8 ounces baby boy in my arms. A month ago, I became a mama. Yes, it had been a wonderful month having Forrest in our lives. 

I'm starting to recognize small signs that Forrest does before he hits a major melt-down. For instance, while Forrest is still sleeping, his little rosebud lips will begin to instinctively suck, and I know it means he is starting to get hungry. So I wake him up for a feeding, and he remains a content baby! 

Forrest is now 9 and half pounds! I think he has gained since the last weight check-up because he feels like he is a ten-pounder at this moment!

My poor guy has Thrush. We are working diligently on getting rid of Thrush with the help from antibiotics prescribed by Forrest's doctor. Thrush will fade away in no time! 

Forrest has been hitting all developmental milestones for a month old baby; startle reflex, grasping, and staring at faces that are about 12 inches away from his face (babies at this age are extremely near-sighted).

Forrest absolutely loves his bouncer. It's his to go spot when he's gassy or cranky. The bouncing eases his upset tummy and also soothes him to sleep.

We have found a trick to put end to Forrest's wide eye adventure between 2-4/5 am. I nurse him until he's happy and content which can take up to 20-25 minutes including diaper change, swaddle him, and put him down in his bassinet then turn off TV. In the past, we have left TV on (we fell asleep with TV still on and have some light for when we have to get up to attend Forrest). It appears to have cut down Forrest's need to stay wide awake. Let's hope this keeps up!

Forrest have had a lot of his firsts lately. A first football game, a first trip to the pumpkin patch, and soon to come; a first long driving trip down to my hometown to visit my side of the family, and friends.  Then we will be taking Forrest up to the Farm to visit my other half of family!

His first vaccination set of shots is coming up, and I'm somewhat dreading it!

Forrest has been practicing his tummy time these days! He manages to keep his head up for a few seconds at time. What an accomplishment!

Having a son has been so much fun even though I've only been a mama for a month now. I'm already looking forward to the second month accomplishments!

Mr. Forrest, Layla the dog, and I are heading down to my hometown today which is about 2 hours (throw in an extra half hour since I may have to stop for nursing/feeding Forrest), and I am hoping that we can add a great traveler to Forrest's list of accomplishments!

Have a great weekend!

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