Sunday, September 30, 2012

On the Brink of October

I hope your weekend has been quite wonderful. It has for us. The leaves are definitely changing colors. My favorite is the big oak trees with leaves that are in a rich marigold color. It's just so beautiful. I enjoy walking Forrest through the park, feeling leaves crunching under my shoes, and absorbing warm fall sunshine.

Forrest and I attended Stu's football game at Ripon College. Yes, the very same college that Stu and I met!  I took Forrest down a memory lane for our stroll. I pushed the stroller around the campus, told Forrest about my memories from my college days especially the ones with his daddy, and stopped at my favorite local coffee shop to pick up the flavor I always ordered back in the day: Chai tea. I enjoyed the quaint little town atmosphere, and looked forward to taking Forrest to Dickens of a Christmas this winter. Funny, when I went to Dickens of a Christmas event last year, I didn't know at that time I was pregnant, and later I learned that I was; it made sense why I was cranky that evening!

Ripon Chambers of Commerce 

Well, this year, it was going to be different, ha ha. Anyway, Forrest and I headed over to the football field. We saw some familiar faces at the game, and it was a pleasure to introduce Forrest to them! Stu was glad to see us there. I loved surprising Stu and seeing his face light up after he saw us there. Aside from that, Ripon Hawks won the game as well! After the game, Stu and I went out to eat at a local haunt with Forrest. Our little guy was a champ and slept through the whole dinner so we were able to have a really yummy dinner and a great conversation. This made me look forward to time when Forrest will be old enough to enjoy watching football games with Stu and me. A Packer or Ripon College game was definitely in our future!

I'm excited that tomorrow marks the first day of my favorite month: October! Good things always seem to happen in October. I'm looking forward to making pumpkin pies for our neighbor and friends, pumpkin seeds, carving pumpkins, visiting a pumpkin patch once again to pick up Jack O latern pumpkins, watching scary movies with Forrest on SyFy channel, dressing Forrest up in Halloween outfits, going Trick N Treat with our friend and her children, celebrating my favorite holiday; Halloween, and knowing that more holidays are due around the corner!

A special thing about October is that it means it will be 8 years since Stu and I have been together. I don't celebrate our dating anniversary anymore, but it is nice to recognize the day when we first got together. Time really flies, doesn't it? It really does not feel like it has been this long. I suppose that time really doesn't matter much when you are with someone you love. My love for Stu has definitely changed over the years. The puppy love that accompanies with the newness of a relationship is far, far gone. It has been replaced by love that is much deeper and meaningful. It is also great to be a part of a wonderful family and bridge our families together especially with our newest family member: Forrest.

It will be fun to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with Forrest. It is hard to believe that Forrest will be 4 months old in time for Christmas. It is a fun age because then we will start to see Forrest's personality a bit at time, and have him to be more active/alert for the holidays.

I thought this was pretty funny and adorable how Forrest has discovered
to blow spit into bubbles. Ever since the discovery; he has been blowing spit bubbles!

I want to share something because I have discovered a new site that I can't tear myself away from. It is Shutterfly. It is basically a site for a person to create a book from pictures. Of course, there are more things you can create through this site such as calendar, holiday cards, and many more. I created two books. The first book is made for Forrest about his birth story: The Day I was Born. It's a kid-friendly version and easy for a little kid to follow. The second book I've made is really for myself. It is a book filled with my blog posts from my pregnancy with Forrest: My Pregnancy With Forrest. I will share this with Forrest someday when he is older and have a longer attention span to be interested in reading it! I do plan on doing the same for my future pregnancies. 

I am also geeked because I have been reccomended to check out several different sites that are photo-based books and accessories. I spy a lot of projects coming up very soon to create adorable holiday gifts for our family members! 



  1. I love the picture of you and Stu. You look beautiful. I love reading your blog!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog posts.

  2. Forrest is such an adorable little guy! I also enjoy reading your blog, both for the Forrest posts and the It's a Deaf Thing posts! So much wonderful information! I noticed you mentioned Shutterfly, have you also heard about Snapfish? If one site isn't having a sale, the other almost always is. Also, there is a website called and they often have coupon codes for both sites. I use all three websites often and come away with some great deals! Just wanted to let you in on my little secrets! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Wonderful! Thank you. I'll check out! I'm always up for grabbing codes to save some money. :-) And thank you for saying so about Forrest.