Thursday, September 13, 2012

Renovating My Blog

I am in the midst of planning to change the background for my blog. I am somewhat tired with the appearance of my blog. After all, I have had this background for over a year now. I feel it is time for a change. With a baby in the tow; I may not have it done within a day or two, and all I am asking from you, my dear readers, to bear with the transition for a bit! 

I will still resume blogging posts while renovating my blog. 



  1. Do you still have your cats? if so, how is that going with the baby?

    1. Rachel, yes we still have Mr. Jinxy and Missy Girl! I feel bad that I've been somewhat neglectful of them lately yet at the same time, I feel grateful that they're pretty independent enough to not rely on me to take care of them at the level of having to take care of our dog.

      They're really wonderful with Forrest! Missy Girl is less interested than Mr. Jinxy is. She's a bit unsure of the baby and is keeping her distance. Mr. Jinxy loves Forrest. He will sit by Forrest's bouncer and purr. He likes to check him out all of the time. It's cute! :)

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