Saturday, September 15, 2012

Russ Family These Days

Fall is finally gracing us with colorful greeting and bringing its unique autumn scent along with it. It is my favorite time of the year. What is there not to like about autumn? Pumpkin Spice Lattes, football games, warm clothes to be pulled out of our storage, autumn scented candles, falling leaves, pumpkins, Halloween festivities, corn candies, leaves changing its colors, the crispiness in the air, warm sun floating on cool breezes from the lake, and knowing that the holidays are just around the corner. 

One thing I absolutely love about where I live is the fact that we live only a few blocks away from a beautiful park nearby Lake Winnebago. The park has several trails throughout the boughs of ancient Oak trees, zoo, and along aside the lake shore. I enjoy walking there with Forrest dozing softly in his stroller during our daily walks. I muster about our future with Forrest; how I am looking forward to bringing him to a pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins together, and taking Forrest trick n treating. 

Along with autumn and an introduction into motherhood; Layla has been soaking up warm fall sun while snoring in her characteristically Basset way. Layla appears to have been adjusting well to having a newest addition in our home. I am not sure if she views Forrest as a new dog mate or our human friend since Forrest is so small yet. Layla eagerly sniffs and licks Forrest every time he is in his bouncer or in his car seat on the floor. Layla sits next to Forrest with a quiet contemplation while looking over him. When Missy ventures too close to Forrest, Layla chases her away, and returns to her guarding spot. She softly closes her eyes as Forrest is sleeping. At the smallest sound that Forrest makes, Layla opens her eyes and looks over him to make sure he is okay. If I am not anywhere in the proximity then Layla retrieves me to attend Forrest. She walks pretty well alongside the stroller, only stopping to sniff at the ground that appeals to her black nose, and continues to walk ahead with us. 

Layla is approaching her 5th birthday or at least it is by our best guess since we do not have her official birth date. Nonetheless, her adoption birthday is on 26th of September. Already I am planning on creating Layla a peanut butter dog cake to celebrate the day we adopted Layla. She will be in the world of surprise! I am looking forward to seeing her long tail wag in excitement as she picks up the scent of peanut butter dog cake slowly baking in the oven. 

Our cats also have been adjusting well especially Mr. Jinxy. From the very moment when I started showing in my pregnancy, Mr. Jinxy has been close to Forrest's side while purring, and dreaming dreams that only cats dream of. He appears to be fascinated by this tiny human being and often makes a point to be nearby us. On the other hand, Missy Girl is not so crazy about the baby taking my attention away from her. She has been in the hiding these days or sneaking into the baby crib to sleep there. I have been trying to remedy her naughty habit of sleeping in the baby crib with no success thus far. I try to give Missy attention and love that she wants instead of constantly scolding her for being in the crib, or chewing on our flowers. Missy has always been a free-willed cat with a strong personality, and most certainly; she is not going to change just because we have a baby. Aside from her mischief, Missy has been a fairly decent cat, and a wonderful pet. 

Stu has been busy with school starting up again, and getting back into the swing of teaching. With teaching, Stu also has been coaching for Ripon Football team. It will be his second year coaching. He absolutely loves what he is doing for that he often tells me every night how his day went. He will be starting his last semester of graduate school through Marian this upcoming spring, and we are excited about that. What a wonderful accomplishment and I couldn't be any prouder of him for being so dedicated to advancing his education. 

Despite his busy schedule, Stu is a very hand-on dad and works as a team with me to raise Forrest. For that, I am very grateful, and it causes me fall deeper in love with him. It is true when people say that once you have a baby with someone you love then your love for that person has changed into something much deeper and meaningful. 

As at this moment, I am content to be a stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy of mine, and I feel so cherished to be able to enjoy every little moment with Forrest. It will be hard for me to return to workforce when Forrest is old enough to be trusted in capable hands of someone else. Being a stay at home mom is certainly busier than I thought it would be. I'm constantly running around to do errands, keeping up with cleanliness in our house, taking care of our little critters, taking care of Forrest, and most importantly, taking care of myself. A happy mama is the one who takes a good care of self. I feel so blessed to have a constant stream of visitors--still, a nearly month later--of loved ones. 

Matter of fact, Forrest and I are going to Farmer's Market very soon with Grandma Tree, Grandma Marlene and the girl(s). It will be a wonderful time, and I am definitely looking forward to fall vegetables! Let's hope they do have green tomatoes. If not, then it's alright because we will be in a good company. 


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