Saturday, October 20, 2012

2 Months Old

Dear Forrest,

You are now 2 months old. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. Your mama and daddy are always telling each other how it seems that every day, when they wake up to see your little brown eyes staring from your bed, you seem to have grown a bit bigger and heavier overnight.

You are getting so big! You're starting to smile. Even Dr. Johnson, your doctor, confirmed this by saying you're already smiling socially, and able to respond to your parents' smiles. You love it when your parents babble, blow raspberries, and laugh. You smile and squint your eyes in response to their chatters. When your mama sign to your Daddy, you gaze at her intensely and furrow your eyebrows. You're definitely a thinker. Your parents can see you thinking all of the time as you absorb the world into your sight. 

You are 11 pounds and 10 ounces. You are tall and big for your age range. It is something that your mama have always known since the day she felt your feet in her ribs for the first time! So this is nothing new to your parents. Your daddy boasts that you will be a great football player one day given your big size for your age. Don't worry, Forrest, if football is something you don't want to do then we are okay with it as long as you are happy. 

While what I have to say next, this is not to discredit other mamas that have opt not to breastfeed their babies because other ways  to feed babies are as equally challenging, and tiring task. Because of that, I give a mad props to ALL mamas out there.

People jokingly say that your mama is a great feeder, and how she gives you plenty of nutrients that you need for your little growing body! While the compliment is kind, your mama sure does wish she feels that way everyday! Breastfeeding has been a very hard journey for both of us, and it is paying off by you gaining weight. That is all what counts. 

You handled the shots like a pro. It was harder on your mama than it was on you! You received 4 shots and a shot of red syrup medicine. You slept the day away. However, the next day; you were not feeling like yourself and needed to be near your mama. Thank goodness for Moby Wrap. It helped your mama to get things accomplished and to have you near her heart. You nearly slept away the whole day inside the wrap!  You and your mama liked Moby Wrap so much that she started putting you in it everyday for a physical contact. It was supposed to help you develop a better ability to calm yourself down, gain self-confidence, trust of people, become independent quicker, and it was also beneficial for parents as well by helping them to ward away depression, stress, and improve understanding how to communicate with infants through body cues.

For a week after your shots, you were quite fussy, and a hard time staying asleep. You wanted to snack and eat constantly. Your parents were pretty sure that you were going through a growth spurt... again, already, little man? Nonetheless, you were able to get through this colicky-fussy phase and resumed to be your happy old self once again.

Next time, your parents will be prepared with recently-learned tricks up their sleeves to soothe you when you enter your fussy phase. Pediacare, check. Gripe water, check. Gas tablets, check. Swaddle blankets, check. White noise music box, check. Batteries, check. Sanity and frequent breaks in place, check. There, your parents are prepared. 

You continue to practice Tummy Time. You are able to hold your head up for a minute at time! You've always been a very independent baby (taking after your mama, already, aren't you). Two weeks in from being born, you push your legs against people's bellies, and wanting to try hold your head up by yourself. Boy, you sure have a strong pair of legs! You don't like having to stay still and not do things by yourself. Hence, you try so hard to hold your head up and get frustrated when you get tired from holding your head up. Your mama was told by Dr. Johnson that you should be able to roll over this month! Even if you don't roll over this month then that's okay and just take your time, little man. Your parents have faith that you will get it done when you are good and ready to go! 

You are starting to sleep through the night. The first night you slept through the night, we nearly jumped out of our pajamas from sheer excitement for having slept that long with you! This is an exciting change that your parents gladly welcome from you. Even so, sleeping schedule is still sporadic at its best. Some nights, you sleep anywhere from 4-5 hours. On some other nights, you wake up twice to be fed. Even on the nights when you wake up twice, you no longer stay awake for an hour or more, and go back to sleep fairly quick after being fed. This is very much appreciated by your parents. Keep this up, little man!

Your parents are thinking about taking a plunge by putting you in the crib in your own bedroom! Because of this, your mama is hoping to purchase an extra-tall baby/pet gate to prevent the cat, from trying to sneak into your room for a snuggle time with you, soon. You are simply getting too big for your bassinet already, and your parents can't keep on having you sleep in your bouncer forever. Hopefully, once the pet gate is here, and you'll be able to transition easily to your crib.

Your Mama is quite excited about having you to experience the holidays coming up... Halloween just around the corner, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! On top of all this, you will get to meet Aunt Lauren and Uncle Joey for the first time!

We are excited to see what you have to bring for month 2. We love you so much, and can't believe that time is flying so quickly since the day you were born.

Mama & Daddy


  1. Happy two months little guy :) He looks like a happy baby for sure!!

    1. Oh Forrest is a really sweet boy--he gets cranky only if he doesn't feel well! :)

  2. Time is just flying by, where did that two months go??!! He is so cute!