Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm kind of brain dead. I don't have much motivation to write a thoughtful, well-written, and in-depth post right now. My little glowworm slept rather fitfully last night, and ended up wanting to stay awake at ungodly hour, 4 am. Whatever promoted my boy to be an extreme early-riser today remained unknown. I bounced my boy in my arms with my eyes closed. I resigned myself to the fact that my Forrest was just not like me in the sleep department (I love to sleep in...). Takes after his daddy, I think. Anyway, Forrest babbled and pulled at my hair strands. How could I be angry at him for wanting to stay awake especially with his toothless grins that reaches to his eyes. 

Because of me being brain-dead, today's post will be a light reading. :) 

Loving: Spending time with my sister, Lauren, and her boyfriend, Joey, who are visiting from Texas, hanging out with my family, catching up with my brothers and sister, being with my boy, football Sunday, snuggling under a thick blanket on a cold rainy day, Halloween movies on both AMC and ABC Family, corn and pumpkin candies, and a cup of hot coffee. 

Reading: Since I don't have Stu's kindle with me, I haven't been able to finish the book series I recently started called "In Death" by J.D. Robb; I have been re-reading Plain Truth by Jodi Piccolt, and it helps to pass time while I am nursing Forrest. 

Watching: The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, & American Horror Story. Funny how I have two gory shows and then throw in a sweet light show. Shows how my taste can be eclectic! I do enjoy Big Bang Theory, but I want to start watching it from Season 1.

Thinking About: How I am almost done with Christmas shopping for my family. Crazy, right? All I need to do is order the items, and find a few more gifts. My goal is to be done with my family by Thanksgiving. Then we can focus on Stu's family. Also, I'm thinking about having my hair styled after Halloween. I really need a make-over for my hair. 

Looking Forward To: The holidays. I absolutely love this time of the year. It's just something in the air. 

Making Me Happy: Blogging, writing, shopping, hanging out with our family, Forrest, Stu, Layla and our cats. 



  1. Hi Ashley! New follower here and had to say Forrest is simply adorable. Enjoy your little boy.... they are the BEST!

  2. once upon a time is my all time favorite show right now, I get way too excited every sunday for it, and i get so mad when one is over and the commercial says "in TWO weeks" for the next one, like they are taking a vacation for a week or something lol.

  3. You know you amaze me, but that goes without saying, right <3