Thursday, October 25, 2012

If You Really Knew Me....

I'm still pooped out. Forrest has been getting up between 4-5 am, and not wanting to sleep.  Oh my little sweet boy he is. :) Because of this, I'm still experiencing a total sap of brain juice to muster awesome posts. Fear not, I will resume back to my regular topic blogging by next week, I totally promise. Today's post is for you, my dear readers, to get know me a bit better!

You would know that I can savor hours and hours in the book store, just soaking in the smell of paperback books, and sipping a cup of coffee. Because of this, I feel like I am sort of cheating on my paperback books by considering to ask for a Nook tablet. Even so, I will always continue to purchase paperback books. I think a house isn't a really a house without books! Because of this philosophy of mine, Forrest already has a nice bounty of children books, and his little stack of books will continue to grow as he ages.

You would know that I am a big fan of horror movies. While I do love me some well-made horror and psychological thriller movies, I admit to enjoying some really poorly made B-movies..even better if it has poor special effects, weak story plot, and people behaving stupidly. There is something about crapistic horror movies that causes my toes to curl in glee. 

You would know that I am somewhat indecisive. When I find a product I really like, I have to research the crap out of it before purchasing it, and it can take me quite forever to make a decision to get it.

You would know that I am a geek. And pretty proud to be one. However, I can't decide if I am a Trekker or Star Wars fan because I love them both equally so. I also love graphic novels. They are underestimated big time, and people don't know what they are missing out on.

You would know that my friends call me a Fender Bender because I'm so klutzy.

You would know that I have an uncanny knack of liking things before they become well-liked. For example; I read Harry Potter in British version before it was a hit in US, and reading books (Walking Dead, to name one) before they got "famous" and turned into movies/TV shows.


You would know that I have an extraordinary empathy for animals. My mom has jokingly once said that she somewhat raised me wrong because the homeless and abused animals commercials hit me at home more so than the commercials for sick or homeless children. Not that I do not care for humans. Because I do. Animals, vulnerable adults, and children are what I feel the most need to protect. 

You would know that somehow becoming a mother has really calmed me down. People, including myself, thought I would be a very helicopter type of mother. And the opposite had happened. My son had converted me into mellow and laid-back type of person. 

You would know that I have a need to document everything that happens in my life. I suspect this is why I have 2 boxes full of journals from my life...and yes, I am still do keep a journal. This has led me into the world of blogging as well. 

You would know that my idea of escape is just soaking in a very hot tub with thick sheen of bubbles, a glass of wine, and a good romance book.

You would know that I absolutely love quotes. I collect quotes, and sayings just for an inspiration. I also love movie quotes.

You would know that I love photography. I believe it is because of Dad. I've been behind the camera lens for as long as I can remember. I wish I have half of his talent at photography. Nonetheless, because of him, I have developed an appreciation for photography and photographers.

 You would know that I am an awesome cooker and baker! Just ask anyone who have had my cooking. It's one of my passions, BTW--to cook and bake. I am always on a quest to find awesome recipes on Pinterest. 

You would know that I am a romantic and a frequent daydreamer. I dislike having to come back to reality. 
You would know that I am a huge planner. I love to plan, plan, and plan. I suspect it is because I love the feeling of anticipation than an actual event itself. This is why I'm thinking about venturing into wedding planner business....just a thought, though, and nothing serious yet! 

*Borrowing this phase from other blogger because I can totally relate to this* You would know that when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I was not totally comfortable with kids. In fact, to some degree, it took becoming a mother to really get comfortable with kids. 

You would know that almost on a daily basis, I am told that I should become a writer, and that I am seriously toying with an idea to write a book. About what? I do not know yet. 

You would know that I am fiercely loyal to those who I love. If you cross someone I love then you're in the world of trouble. If you are the person I love then I'm always willing to give my shirt off my back. Even though I have a big heart, I am not a doormat, and will speak up if I must.

You would know that I've always known that I will have a boy first. Call it a premonition. And sure enough, I did end up having a boy. And by the way, this little boy of mine has totally captured my heart! 


  1. I love these posts. Seems like we have a lot in common!

  2. I love this post! We have so much in common and I was smiling while reading your points :) I love to cook and bake and PLAN! My Mom always teases me about being a planner and having to have at least a general idea of the next few hours. I love to read and have so many books that my dear husband reminds me when we are at the thrift store to not by too many more :) There are never enough books! I have a Nook that I love but the feel of a paperback romance novel is the best, especially lounging in a bubble bath :)