Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3 Months Old

Dear Forrest, 

You are 3 months old today. A lot has been accomplished in a month. You are beginning to hold your head up for an extended period of time, and standing on your shaky legs with help from Daddy. It is a game that you enjoy playing with Daddy. You would stretch and pump your legs furiously at Daddy's stomach until he secures your mid-trunk with his hands, then with help from Daddy you push up on your legs, and stand. Your whole body wobbles as you do this yet you smile and vocalize loudly. You can easily do this for good five to ten minutes until either you or Daddy gets tired of this game. You continue to practice tummy time, and you're able to lift your head higher and higher. You push on your little forearms and proudly expose your chest. You are able to grasp at things hanging above you especially your mama's hair. You grin and ahhh when you are able to pull your mama's hair. Your mama bears this just for you because it is so much fun to bring you joy. 

You are able to follow, with your eyes, your Mama and Daddy as they move around in your vision range field. You enjoy making sounds such as guttural ahhhing or ooohing like a bird, and squealing when you are upset.

You still haven't rolled over yet. It is okay. Your parents are not rushing you to achieve that milestone. When you are ready then you will roll over. 

You met your Aunt Lauren and Uncle Joey. You were absolutely a ham! You continued to be a great traveler in the car. No longer you need to stop halfway to be fed. You dozed during the 2-hour trip, and was happy with being fed when both you and Mama arrived at the destination.

 You are also a good shopper. You are content in your car seat or in the Moby Wrap while your Mama shops. You never make a peep. You enjoy looking around at your surroundings until you conk out. Rarely do you cry during the shopping trips. 

Mama weighed you, and you surprised her by being in 13-14 pounds range already! 

Your mama is still exclusively breastfeeding you, and you sure love the boob milk! You no longer need to be fed every hour or so. You get hungry every 2-3 hours. Breastfeeding is much easier for both you and Mama. The only predicament she has with breastfeeding now is dealing with longer stretches of not feeding you at the night. Other than that, Mama is beginning to feel confident and pretty good about dealing with issues that may crop up with breastfeeding. Clogged ducts still occur sometime, but it's nowhere as bad as it used to be. So your mama can't complain, really. 

Daddy tells you all of the time how big and tough you are getting to be! Your parents are happy with how you are growing. You still spit up occasionally. There has been both good and bad days with you spitting up. Mama has discovered that spicy food upsets your stomach so she has been careful with eating spicy food these days. 

 You now have graduated to size 2 instead of one in diapers. Mama was able to tell that size one was getting too small for you due to your frequent blow-outs and peeing through the diapers. There was a day when your poop exploded onto your shirts. She ended up giving up putting you in clothes and kept you in the diapers while wrapped in a blanket. There was an adventure when you had a blow-out and your Mama had to improvise by giving you a bath with wipes. Thankfully, she had a change of clothes for you to wear! The crisis was quickly resolved, and you went to watch your daddy's last football game. Once Mama was able to use up all the diapers in size one, you started wearing size 2, and sure enough, the blow-outs stopped! 

You are still co-sleeping with your parents, and you're finally getting into a routine. On most of nights, you go to bed between 9-10 pm, then wake up at 1-2 am to be nursed, and go back to sleep until 4:30 am. There has been some nights when you do sleep from 10 until 4:30-5:00 am, but they are far and few in the between. You are ready to wake up between 6 to 6:30 am. You play on your playmat while your mom drinks coffee and catch up with Facebook for the day. After that, you eat and go on errands with your Mama. You nap 2-3 times a day. Two of those naps are short about an hour and the last nap tends to be 3 hours long which is nice because it gives Mama time to do her projects, blog, clean, and prep in advance for dinner. You stay awake for 4 hours afterward, and when Daddy gets home, that is your playtime with him. Daddy and Mama eats dinner after your nursing session. You get bathed on the third evening of every week. At 8 pm, things finally winds down, you cuddle with either Mama or Daddy, and nurse for last time before your bedtime. You are put down in your little bouncer with a music going on in the background. Lights are turned off so you get to rest and fall sleep. That's your regular schedule. 

Edited to add: You've been sleeping longer and longer for the past few nights, yay! Despite this, you still take a super long nap during the day along with 2 or 3 shorter naps.  

There was a hiccup in your routine a few weeks ago. Instead of waking at your regular intervals, you woke up 4-6 times to be fed, and did not want to snooze right away. You napped very briefly and fitfully during the days. Mama was not sure what was going on with you then suddenly; you swung back into your routine and continued with life as if nothing had happened. Mama banked it on your growth spurt! You definitely did feel heavier after that crazy period.

You get to be bathed every 3 days. In the beginning, Mama used to bath you every other day, and she  has noticed that it caused your skin to dry out. Your cradle cap got worse instead of better. You developed dry scaly patches on your body despite having lotions put on your little chub body quite often. Mama decided that every other day was not working out for you especially with winter coming on. She ended up giving you baths every 2 days, and it was much better for your skin. Your skin got soft once again, and the cradle cap improved. 

Edited to add: Your skin got better, yet in recent days; your skin started to be dry again. Boo. Your mama may have to call Dr. Johnson to have you looked at! 

You enjoy your baths for the most part. You coo and squeal. You prefer your water slightly warmer than lukewarm. If the water is too cool for you then you cry in protest. So Mama tries to remember this every time she draws a bath for you! She can't wait for you to start using grown-up tub and play with water toys! 

You are starting to put your hands into your mouth. Your mama isn't sure why you are finding this so much fun to suck on your hands and on your blankets. Nonetheless, it is pretty adorable when you do this! Your parents are looking at getting you some awesome gifts for Christmas. Matter of the fact, just the other day, Mama and Daddy talked about all the things they will play with you; log cabin, lego blocks, board games, and car race tracks. 

It has been so much fun to see your little personality starting to come out. We look forward to what Month 3 will bring to us!

Mama & Daddy


  1. What a beautiful post and a beautiful blog!!!

  2. Such a handsome little guy! And he's getting so big!

  3. Happy 3 months little one!! Happy Thanksgiving too :) I love that little hat, so sweet.