Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Was Good To Us

It is funny. Pre-Baby; I was able to pack a few things, and take at least 1-2 bags with me when I traveled anywhere. Post-Baby......well, let the picture speak for itself: 

You see, I had to pack everything in case if Forrest needed something, and then on top of that, we also had to pack for Layla, our dog, since she always traveled with us. We had no need to board or leave Layla with a dog-sitter when we visited our family, both sides, and Layla was probably spoiled rotten because of this. 

Yep, that's the basset hound thing........

So...Forrest, the dog, and then us. After visiting our family; we had a tendency to accumulate a few more things to our already mounding pile of things. I mean, hello; we just took a brand-new Jumperoo sauce thing for Forrest from our aunt, Ro (thank you by the way). I was surprised we managed to fit everything in my Jeep Liberty SUV. 

If we are planning for baby #2, then we definitely will need a bigger vehicle if we are already packing like this for just one baby! 

Please tell me that I am NOT the only one this happens to! Crazy how packing can get significantly bigger when you have a kid or two. 

Over Thanksgiving break, Mom treated me to a haircut, and new style. It was really sweet of Mom to put it on her tab like this. I guess no matter how old you are, you'll always be your Mom's kid, and she will want to spoil you once in while. Ha ha. Thanks Mom. Because of this, I got a new bangs along with some light layering. I felt like a new woman! And this meant....more fun hair accessories to shop and buy or make, thanks to Pinterest, for myself..well, after the holidays. ;-) 

Aunt Ro and I went shopping the other day for a Jumperoo. I wanted that for Christmas since Forrest exhibited a lot of interest in standing and bouncing. Aunt Ro found one for an awesome deal--she found one for $70 at Target (gotta love that store) when it was $90 over at BRU (Baby R Us). Sweet. On top of this, we also found bunch of adorable outfits for Forrest. Pictured above was one of my favorite outfits for Forrest. Personally, I liked stripes, and anything that wasn't either monkey or jungle-based theme creatures. So sick of that, really--boys needed cute outfits as much as girls did, right! 

Forrest was able to hold his neck up for a long period of time which he proudly showed off over Thanksgiving vacation. He cooed, giggled, and burped as he sat on laps of our family members. We all were oohing and ahhing over his ability to sit up with very little assistance since he was able to hold his neck up by himself. He really liked the attention, and hammed it up at every chance he got! What a flirt that he was. 

Thanksgiving was really wonderful. We had a really yummy lunch with Mom and Aunt Ro and my siblings.  We watched Dog Show. Call me a geek, but I really liked watching that stuff! My personal favorite was seeing a large Standard Poodle all poofed up with her haircut. I would totally love to own a poodle just for the purpose of me grooming her/him in the design haircuts...but Stu says no. What a pooper. *winks* Aunt Ro even had a chance to Face-Time via Skype with Lauren and Joey. So they were able to participate a bit in the holiday with us, see us, and say hello. Isn't technology amazing? 

Then we headed over to Dad's. Boy, Jess, Dad's fiancee, and her sisters made a delicious feast of food! There must have been at least 3 different meat dishes (Turkey, Ham, & Pork Brisket). There was stuffing, potatoes, corn bread, veggies, and bunch of delicious side dishes. On top of this, there was at least 8-9 different pies! O-M-G. It was a perfect reverence to National Glutton Day. Big Props and thank you to Jess's family for creating amazing feast. We were more than stuffed when we left. 

It was really great to see Dad recovering from his knee surgery. His knee looked SO MUCH better since the swelling and bruising went away. I bet in no time flat, he was going to be up tap-dancing before he knew it. The company was wonderful at Dad's house especially the kids. 

Holidays just don't feel right without kids around for sure. 

Stu and I went shopping for each other. We agreed that we were going to just buy one gift each one of us since we both wanted big purchase items. 

He got me the gift I've been eyeing...a Nook HD! So excited about that!! I ultimately decided to go with Nook instead of Kindle Fire HD because I felt that Nook had a better focus on books. Kindle was more geared for everything especially all those games and Apps (Stu really loves his Kindle for this exact reason). I also liked how Nook had voice-based books for Forrest! Good for his speech and hearing development. Anyway....can't really wait to start using this! Even though I got this....I still planned on buying paperback books...can't give that up too. 

I got Stu a really nice Sony Camcorder. I was even more excited about his gift because I finally got something he secretly wanted, but would not admit, and something he was actually going to use for his classroom. Stu recently learned how to become more technology-orientated at a conference he attended, and he really wanted to be able to incorporate that learning into his classroom. Of course, he held out for the longest time by saying he did not want anything. Now, that man was notoriously hard to shop for because he was not really a materialistic type of person, and didn't see a real need for things. Oh, I loved and hated that about him! Ha Ha Ha. Finally, Stu admitted that he really wanted a camcorder, but did not feel right to ask for it since it came with hefty price tag.

Well, what that man did not know was that I did accumulate more than enough of moola from grooming on the side before I got pregnant, and wanted to use some of that money to get Stu something nice. Well, this was a chance for me to do exactly that. So I bought him a Sony HD camcorder. 

That reminds me...I have to go back to Target and purchase warranty for the camcorder.

The warranty and camcorders were all out due to Black Friday...fortunately, I managed to snag the VERY LAST one for Stu, but they did not have warranty cards. I was told to bring receipt with me to Target, when I returned home, and purchase a warranty protection coverage card there. Okay....a bit of hassle, but no big deal too. 

I'm quite excited for Stu to receive his gift because he will really like it. 

Well, Thanksgiving was good to us this year. 

Now, Christmas, bring it on! By the way, Hallmark Christmas movie channel has been playing non-stop since we got back! I plan on decking out our house this week during Forrest's naps. The only thing that is Christmassy around here is our little Charlie Brown 4-foot tree. It does not look like 4-foot to me, but that's what the box claims how tall the tree is....*shrugs* It's cute either way. 


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  1. Sounds like you had a good time :) I used to pack EVERYTHING anytime I went I've learned how to scale back a bit so it isn't quite as many things to bring with us!