Wednesday, December 19, 2012

4 Months Old

Dear Forrest,

You are 4 months old today. You are growing like a weed. You are now in 16-17 pounds range. There are four notches in your car seat for seat belt adjustment. You are currently now sporting car seat from the third notch. Mama thinks that you might need a new car seat by your sixth month at latest because you are outgrowing it, not by weight, but by your height! When you do outgrow your car seat, then it is okay because it will be passed down to your little brother or sister a few years from now...probably within two years! Your little feet are barely about to bypass the edge of your car seat! You are one tall boy. 

You are still wearing size 2 in pampers Swaddlers. Mama is considering about switching to a different brand or at least in other label for Pampers, such as Cruisers because you are so active especially with kicking your legs! You are still having poop leaks from wearing your Swaddlers. Mama has found a solution how to get mustard yellow poop off your Onesies! The secret? Dawn dish soap. No kidding. It works. Mama isn't sure if it's a norm for breastfed babies to have such leaky poops, or if you need a different diaper brand....that's why Mama is going to experiment and find out what is right for you!

Edited to add: Huggies brand size 3 seems to work alright in containing your explosive poops, and unfortunately, it does appear to be irritating your little bum. So Huggies is officially out as well as Luvs. We're back to Pampers, and we will try going up to size 3 instead of 2. If that doesn't work then Mama will have to look into Crusin' Pampers. 

You've been a regular ole drooling machine these days! You drool, drool, and drool. You're chewing on everything you can lay your hands on. Your favorite chew toy is not any of the chewing toys, but your own hands! You are definitely beginning to teeth. You have your hard moments because your gums are bothering you, and that makes you feel grouchy. When you are in that mood, you would rather lay on Mama, and have a lazy day with her. You are slowly gaining a good bounty of teething toys! Mama is looking into getting you an Amber necklace to help with your drooling and pain. 

You are still co-sleeping with your parents. Alas, the change is coming. Because you are sleeping through the night with an occasional wake up calls at 3-4 am to nurse, your parents are slowly introducing you to your crib with hope of having you sleep in your crib by end of December after all the traveling!

Currently, you are sleeping on reclined Infant-to-Toddler rocker since you are battling a cold. Sometimes, you would rather not to sleep by yourself, but in Mama's arms. Mama gladly sacrificed a few nights of sleep holding you as you slept. Poor kid, you. Mama and Daddy often have to squeeze Saline Drops up your nose, which is something you don't like, and suck out the boogers. Baby Vapor is a wonderful asset, and helps you to breath as you go to sleep at the night. Mama is hoping you will feel better in time for Christmas!

The idea of transitioning you to the crib is definitely harder on Mama than it is on you. You are able to take naps in your cribs without much fuss. Just slap on some songs, and you are out like a light. You love your mobile above your crib, and can easily be entertained until you fall asleep. When you travel with your parents, you sleep in your playpen without any problem. When New Years rolls in, you are definitely heading to your own big boy bed, and start sleeping there!

You are still being exclusively breastfed. Breastfeeding continues to be one of the most challenging experience that Mama has to go through. Mama worries that she may not have enough supply to keep up with you since you are getting so big! Thankfully, one of the mamas from the mommy groups gave your Mama a tip how to make sure you are getting enough, and it does seem that you are getting enough. Even so, Mama drinks Mother Tea occasionally, and it seem to be doing the trick. Mama had to endure yet another clogged duct, which is painful, and not fun to deal with, but it is okay because she knows what to do this time. Fortunately, Mama managed to get through it just fine. You continue to grow and benefit so much from breast milk. It's amazing to see how fast you've been growing from it! Mama is hoping to be able to breastfeed you for at least 6 months, and Mama's goal is just to make through every month with you.

You have gained some control over your tongue. For awhile there, your tongue was sticking out like crazy! Now, it is safely tucked in your little mouth. You are starting to exhibit some curiosity toward Mama's food. You reach and try to grab at Mama's snacks. If you are cleared by Dr. Johnson for your 4-month check-up then you may start sampling pureed food! Mama can't wait to try out the Baby Bullet to make you food!

Mama has been looking into high chair for you. Perhaps you'll be getting a big boy chair when you are able to sit up without toppling over, and being able to start eating pureed food!

You absolutely love your Jumperoo that your Grand-Aunt Ro had gotten for you. You enjoy bouncing, standing, and leaning forward to grasp on things. You no longer need a box underneath your feet because you are able to touch the floor! You are such a tall kid! Your favorite is the little teal bird hanging from the bar. You reach for it, grab it, bring it toward your mouth, chew on it, then let it go. Repeat. You can easily do this for half hour before getting tired. Sometimes, you just like to hang your head down, and chew on the seat. You tend to get fussy, and whine for Mama or Daddy when you are done playing in it.

Because of your daily tummy time, you are a pro at holding up your neck, and you have rolled over once or twice already! You aren't a pro at rolling over quite yet, and don't do it every time you are on your tummy. You tend to rock your little body back and forth or flip on your side. It is really awesome to see you doing this. Mama and Daddy are looking forward to the day when you finally learn how to roll around! 

You have recently started sitting in your Bumbo chair! You love being in it. You giggle, smile, and coo when you get approval from your parents. You are able to sit on your parents' laps without needing support to your neck. You like to lean forward to grasp at things in front of you especially Mama's hair.

Mama is looking forward to bringing you down to her hometown, and spend pre-Christmas with her side of family, then heading up north to the Farm with Daddy to spend Christmas with his family. It will be a lot of fun! Mama isn't sure what is the plan for New Year's. It will probably be a low-keyed event at home. You'll be ringing in a New Year's by sleeping in your big boy bed!

Mama and Daddy are anxiously awaiting to see what will transpire during Month FOUR! 


Mama and Daddy