Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Madness to Its End

Oooh boy! It has been awhile since I have last written a post. Thankfully, holiday madness has died down, and we are finally back home. After nearly two weeks of traveling and staying at other people's houses; I've come to a realization that there is really no place like home, and it is nice to be back home. 

Forrest had a great first Christmas with our family! He got plenty of clothes, toys, teething items, and hats!  Forrest was a champ in the car the whole time we traveled. It was really nice because it meant less stress! Forrest loved being with his cousins. He had biggest smile on his face every time he saw his kid cousins especially our niece. He loved her presence for some reason. It was fun, and sweet to witness that. Forrest got passed around, held a lot, and kissed by family members. He was sure spoiled.

I decided to take a break from technology while I was visiting our family. I barely texted, didn't really glance at Facebook, groups I'm part of, did not check my blog or read other blogs, and left my laptop behind. I did not really take any pictures. I simply stayed in the moment, and focused on what was going on at this very instance. 

Guess what? 

It turned out to be a really awesome idea.

I read 4 books in five days! Imagine that. Well, okay, I may have skimmed the first book (Insurgent by Veronica Roth), and enjoyed light reading of Furnace series by Alexander Gordon Smith. I admit that a part of reason why I liked reading the books by Alexander was because I liked British style of writing. I was thrilled to find out that there was more in the series, and that meant more books to read. I also started reading books by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. My brother got me hooked to this series.

Then to my great pleasure, my book, Rapture in Death (In Death Series) that I had ordered through Nook finally came through. It was a huge hassle. I had purchased that book on a gift card, and the gift card was not working properly. That caused my book to go into a lock-down mode. I had to go through a hassle of consumer service both online, and in person at the store to get my book to be "unlocked". To make a long story short, the book didn't unlock itself until about a week and half later. Oy. Nonetheless, once I got my book to work; I was pretty excited.

As you can see, I definitely love the genre of Urban Adventure Fantasy type of books. The Furnace series , The Divergent, and The Hunger Games are more geared for teenagers, and I am not ashamed to like them. In Death series is more focused for adults; here's the secret, J.D. Robb is actually Nora Roberts, believe it or not. And yes, In Death series is not gushy lame romance books that she normally writes. If you like action, strong female character, crime, then you will definitely like this. You won't be disappointed.

Feel free to check out any of books I mentioned above.

Anyway, the last time I read that much books was probably before I got pregnant. While I was pregnant, I didn't read much because I was busy preparing for Forrest's arrival, and I did not have much of attention span to really relax. It reminded me how much I had missed reading, and how thankful I am to have a lot of Barnes and Noble gift cards to purchase E-Books! 


I also learned how to play Domino. I really enjoyed it! It was finally nice to find a game that I was able to co-exist peacefully with Stu. Ha ha ha. Matter of fact, we liked it so much that we decided to buy a game of our own for our home.

Stu and I got a lot of lovely things from our family. We really loved what we got, and can't just pick one as our favorite. We were more happy to see that Forrest got so much nice things to enjoy, and use.

We also had a lot of delicious food. I probably gained five pounds from eating. No regrets here. Yummy.

I also met up with a dear friend of mine, and met her husband. It was a wonderful lunch.

It's amazing how much things you can accomplish, and enjoy when you put all technology stuff aside for awhile. Try that, and you may rediscover things you've forgotten about.

Now we are finally back home, and we have decided that we wanted to stay in for New Year's instead of going out. We have had enough of traveling, and going everywhere. We just really want to bunker down, and relax with just three of us.

I'm currently tackling down the monster of laundry (imagine that, 2 weeks worth of clothes to be washed), and Forrest is napping for who know how long, so I'm trying to finish this post as fast as possible in record time.

It's Deaf Thing post should be posted hopefully by early next week!

I hope your holiday was as wonderful.


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  1. Haha I love Domino's hehe :)
    It must have been magical having this first Christmas with the little man and he is growing so beautifully and each and every picture is so stunning.
    Love to you and the family and know I love you and think of you always <3