Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Reflection Of My Pregnancy

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Isn't this cool or what? I came across to a collage picture on my fellow friend blogger's page: Chasing Moonlight and Roses, and had to ask her how she made hers. Graciously, she shared the Link to creating collages with me, and it was really easy to use...very user-friendly even for amateurs like me. Anyway, I was excited to be able to capture my whole pregnancy, and watching my belly grow for over 9 months. A random fact: We are pregnant for 10 months...not 9 months. Crazy. 

I really, really loved being pregnant. Loved it. It was so much fun being pregnant, wearing cute maternity clothes, feeling my boy kick, and squirm inside, and watching my belly grow. I might jinx myself for my next pregnancy, but I'm going to say it anyway...I had very, very mild morning sickness. Just nausea. No vomiting. What I had to deal with was bad case of migraine headaches that pretty much rendered me useless in the evenings. It was probably the only downfall with my pregnancy. I felt good. I looked awesome for being pregnant. I had no complications despite my blood clotting issue, and low blood pressure. I had a really wonderful doctor that monitored me for that, and I was blessed to be able to have a wonderful birth experience. 

The best part of this experience was having Forrest at last. He was definitely worth the journey. I knew I wanted to be pregnant again, and hopefully end up with a girl next time. I would have done it again in a heartbeat. 

While I would love to be pregnant again, I also have a list of reasons why I do NOT want to be pregnant anytime soon, and it is enough to keep my baby fever at the bay. I want to be able to eat my food that I am unable to during my pregnancy. I want to have my glass of wine (which I am still patiently biding my time for since I am breastfeeding Forrest every 2-3 hours--not enough time to have alcohol to be out of my system for the next feeding). I love the freedom that I have with my body now. I can fit through narrow spaces! I can enjoy my non-maternity clothes. I look forward to the day when I can wear regular bras--so sick of my nursing bras! I have yet eaten Sushi and I want to soon! I love being able to eat raw cookie batter--I did the other day, and it was glorious. While it is so much fun to be a mom, it is tiring to take care of a baby on demand 24/7. 

I have yet slept through the night...mind you, Forrest does sleep from 9 pm to 6 am with an occasional midnight snack, but I wake up at random times to check on Forrest to make sure he's okay, and I can't sleep just quite yet. Teething is a demon. I hate it when Forrest is not feeling well, and wish I can take away his pain. Diapers is expensive. Clothes too. I would like to have Forrest to be nearly done wearing diapers by the time I have my second kid. I want to go out on a date with my girlfriends or my husband, and feel completely secure leaving Forrest behind for a few hours at time. I have a few weddings to attend, and want to be able to fit in my bridesmaid dresses or cute outfits. I want to dance without feeling tired, or awkward. Face it, a baby is expensive! We want to get a bigger place before we start seriously considering to have a second kid. Our current place is just too small for a growing family like ours. Just thinking about trying to go shopping with a toddler, and a crying baby in the cart scares me at this moment. I'm not ready for that just yet! *winks* 

Most importantly of all, I want to be able to enjoy Forrest for a bit while. I look forward to watching him grow into a young little boy, and as selfish as it is, I want him all to myself. I'm not quite ready to share a part of myself to other little person just yet....

Stu and I already know that we would love to have two more. We have our heart set on having 3 kids. Why? Two is not quite enough. We both come from big families, and we know what it is like to grow up with at least 2 siblings in the household. Good memories, I tell you. Four is way too much...unless if we have twins for our last pregnancy. Then lord help us all. 

Because of our age, we are looking to having a second one within a year and half or two. I know for fact that I want to be completely done before I am 35 years old. I will have absolutely no energy for babies after that, and I want to be able to enjoy my kids as they grow older. And the idea of me being 60, and having a teenager scares me. Ha ha ha! I know for fact that my mom is already pressing for a second grandchild! I think she enjoys being a grandma...A LOT. 

We also know that for the second pregnancy, since it won't be our last one; we want the sex to be a surprise, and not find out until delivery. I've been convinced by some mommies, who have gone team green, and they were glad they waited until birth to find out. Then I convinced Stu to go Team Green for our second pregnancy, and he was surprisingly okay with it! 

Do I have a preference for the next baby's gender? A part of me would love to have a girl. Then again, I would also love to have a boy, and give Forrest a brother. Perhaps, it will be very different if it is my last pregnancy, and I don't end up getting a girl. It's my honest answer for you. As for now, I'd be happy with either one of them. I think it's easier for me to accept if I end up with another boy second time around because it won't be our last run. 

We also plan on being more prudent with timing. Our first pregnancy was very blessed. I got pregnant fairly quick, and sustained my pregnancy. While it was a huge relief to know that we both had no pressing issues that may have affected us to get pregnant, it was also a pain because I had Forrest at end of the summer, and that meant Stu was gone quite a lot for coaching, and teaching. I had no idea how we survived the first three months with Forrest. But we did. Thankfully. Because of this, we learned our lesson. Never have a baby at end of the summer! *winks*

I do hope that our second time around will be as blessed as the first one. I do have some worries about getting older, having difficulties with getting pregnant, and balancing motherhood with a toddler plus a newborn. I think this is normal worry though!

Do I plan to blog my second pregnancy? You bet! It may be tricky to find time, and energy, but it will be done. I am fortunate to have a really supportive and hand on husband and family. :)

It's the Deaf thing posts, and general blogging may be a bit behind in the next two weeks seeing that the holidays are coming up, but I promise to keep you guys updated, and posted!! Just be patient if you notice a decrease in my postings, okay? :) 



  1. :) So is that 1.5 to 2 years before getting pregnant again? Or 1.5 to 2 years before birth?! There's a big difference :) Just wondering when I can expect to hear some more great news!

    1. 1.5 to 2 years before getting pregnant! I need a break! ;)

  2. Love the collage!! Such a great way to see yourself at each stage!

  3. Such an awesome picture!! :)
    The vision you have of a toddler & baby in the shopping cart, that's me. It's doable but rough!

    1. I give you all the waving applauds for that! It has to be hard. It scares me to think about this now. When time is ready, I am sure I'll be more prepared, and handle it like an old pro! ;)

  4. such a lovely progress!! & look at this amazing little one that came from it all!!