Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Passing Down Tidbits of my Childhood To My Son

I have been scouring for ASL DVDs for Forrest. There are several out there on Amazon, Harris Communication, and sites for the Deaf. I really want Forrest to be exposed to ASL. It is when it occurred to me that I wanted to find one very specific DVD called Sign Me a Story with Linda Bove

I grew up with this. I used to own the VHS. Oh my gosh, as a little girl, I absolutely LOVED this. I was enthralled by actors signing while playing out stories. Just loved it. I was not sure what happened to the VHS. It disappeared. 

Anyway, I thought of this recently, and knew I wanted one for Forrest. How cool was that--to share my childhood tidbits with him. I scoured online, with a help of a dear friend, and we were unable to find this copy on DVD. It seemed that it was only on limited few VHS out there. I did find the video on you-tube. I was excited to be able to at least view it again. 

Brings back the memories. 

I'm debating if I should purchase this on VHS then hopefully convert it to DVD somehow??

What are your childhood favorites or memories that you want to share with or pass down to your child?