Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Months Old!

Dear Forrest,

You are five months old today.

 You are a happy boy. You enjoy jumping in your Jumperoo, and playing with hanging toys in your jungle gym. You are able to sit up in your Bumbo chair, and on laps with some assistance. You even go so far as being able to stand on your own for a minute! We think you might be an early walker, but we will see though. You can roll from your back to your stomach, and have not quite mastered rolling over or from your stomach to your back. You are not a fan of tummy time, and get frustrated when you are on your belly. You push your legs against anything that your feet can touch, and try to scooch across the gym mat. When you are unable to reach to your destination, you get quite upset, and cry. Your parents have to be creative with ways to keep you entertained during Tummy Time! 

You are still breastfed, and Mama is quite happy that we've made this far. Because you are teething, it can make nursing--ouch--painful at times. Mama has a trick up her sleeve when you are suddenly interested in chomping down instead of eating, and it has been working out by using that little trick (a little flick to the cheek). That does not hurt you at all. It just surprises you enough to stop chomping down. Then you give Mama that look! It always makes Mama laugh. 

It is hard to believe that by February, it marks 6 months of breastfeeding, and it definitely does not feel that long! It helps Mama to focus on a month at time rather than looking at a year time frame. That way, if Mama's milk supply dries up before hitting a year mark, she can feel good for making as far as she does with you. Fortunately, Mama is still going strong, and you're still benefiting from her milk. 

Mama recently learned that she had to shave off spicy food, and black beans in her diet. Spicy food was causing your Eczema to flare up, and beans was making you...erm, gassy! Therefore, out goes spicy food (Mama still eats spicy food, but not as frequently as she used to), and black beans until you're completely weaned.

You have begun something new.

You started eating oatmeal with pumped breast milk. Unfortunately, you developed a reaction to it even though you enjoyed having oatmeal. Your entire back broke out in little hives after your third time eating oatmeal.

Because of this, Mama has decided not to give you pureed food until you are 6 months old because she felt that you were not quite ready for any type of solids. She also learned it was better to wait until you hit 6 months old because then your digestive system will have more time to catch up, and be able to handle food better.

Because you have entered a new terrain of experimenting with oatmeal, Mama has decided to purchase you a Space-Saver Fisher Price high chair, and have you be slowly introduced to eating in the kitchen with your parents! Mama is quite glad about this--she is tired of having dinners in the living room!

You are now 26 inches long. It is funny; your parents were convinced you had to be close to being 20 pounds since you did feel so heavy, and as it it turned were nowhere close to being 20 pounds! You are 16 and half pounds. You are such a solid mass of baby, and Mama can't imagine what you will feel like at 20 pounds.

You recently went through cluster-feeding period. You may have gained a bit more. We shall find out at your 6 months check up! 

You had 3 shots, and a swig of medicine at doctor's. You screamed, and cried briefly then got over it. What a little man that you were! 

You're beginning to outgrow your infant carrier car seat (Graco Snug Rider 30). Mama is really super pleasant to receive a car seat from your aunt, Jenni, that you can use! It is Britax Carseat, and you'll be able to use it once you're grown out of your carrier! 

Mama, Daddy, and you rang into a New Year's by doing something really major. You moved into your own bedroom, and started sleeping in your crib! 

The change was harder on Mama than it was on you. You see, Mama carried you in her belly for 9 months, and had you sleep in your little bassinet, and cat seat (with doctor's okay due to your cold congestion that you've had for nearly a month) next to your parents' bed for nearly 4 months. It getting to the point where it was becoming more for Mama than it was for you, and she decided it was time for you to switch to your big boy room.

On the first night of big transition, it was hard on everybody. You cried on and off from your bedtime until nearly 1 am. Daddy and Mama gave in, and took you back into their bedroom. On the following few nights after that, Mama held you while rocking you to sleep after nursing you, and put you down in your crib. Unfortunately, you woke up within half hour or hour, and started crying. You barely slept at all. The only way you wanted to sleep was on Mama! Needless, it spelled a lot of sleepless nights for your very sleep-deprived parents!

Mama did some researching, and looking up on methods of sleep training. Mama found an approach called Longer & Longer (Feber Method).

Mama and Daddy tried this on the fifth night after doing your bedtime routine (baby massage, Pajamas, boob milk, and kiss good night in the crib). You cried on and off for a half hour. After Mama and Daddy assured you every subsequent five minutes, you finally fell asleep, and stayed asleep until your nursing session at 2 am.On the sixth night, you cried only for three minutes, and Mama went in to check on you to give you one more kiss and tucked you in once again. You had pacifier back in your mouth--you must have spat it out during your crying fit--and boom, you were out moments after that! You woke up a few times after that, but it was only to be assured, and you went back to sleep. You remained fast asleep until 3 am feeding and change, and went back to sleep until 7-8 am!

Naps are easy-peasy! When you are ready to nap (usually around  8-11 am, 12-2 pm, and 4-5 pm), you nap for 45  minutes to an hour every time, and wake up a happy boy!

Mama has decided that she wanted to start looking into cloth diapers for either you or your sibling. Because of this, she has been doing some researching about cloth diapers, and is fortunate to have a great support system from bunch of mommies.

**I will be writing a separate post about cloth diapers, baby-wearing, and solids**

You are becoming a shine of this household. It is so much joy to watch you grow, and have your not-so-little personality to emerge. Mama and Daddy are anticipating to see what you bring in upcoming month!

We love you, our little wiggly bug.


Mama & Daddy


  1. Forrest is so cute!!! Literally one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. I love reading your updates! Glad he's being a happy baby for you!

  2. All of this, will be an absolute treasure for life. For you, for Forest and for your family that may grow and expand past you guys and your husband. I love to read makes me feel like I am reading a safe and warming story. I adore it <3

  3. Happy 5 months little guy!! I love the first picture :)