Friday, January 25, 2013

Cloth Diapering Friday: 4 Major Groups

This is something I am excited to be sharing with you. 

Upon announcing that I was interested in learning more about cloth diapers, I was surprised to learn that several of people were also interested, and wanted to know more about them. It didn't matter to me if they were actually planning on doing this themselves, or just wanted to learn for the heck of it. Because of this outpouring interest from several people that I've talked with.....

I am going to be sharing with you about my journey with cloth diapers. I am planning on writing a few posts  about this because there are rich information regarding this, and it can be overwhelming if it is thrown at you all at once. I am thinking about writing about a few installments about cloth diapers so I can organize and divide information without making it seem so harrowing, so difficult to deal with, and ultimately; whether I will end up doing this or not, and what my experiences are like. 

I find it easiest to talk about cloth diapers in four major categories because what I've experienced was that I got so overwhelmed by options on the market, and I had no clue that there was different types of cloth diapers! I saw all brand names, and had no clue what they were designed for. Not so fun. That alone almost turned me away from wanting to learn more about cloth diapers. I am glad that I was so stubborn, and didn't let that divert me away from being determined. 

When I say cloth diapers; the first thing people think of is old school style, and that is your regular old cloth with snap-ons. On the market, this is called a Prefolds

Prefolds is your best bet to use when you are very tight on budget. When you are done diapering your child, you can simply reuse them as rags for cleaning, or burp cloths. It is cheap, and effective. They dry fast, and get clean faster because cloth, waterproof cover, and liners are removed separately to be washed. 

The downfall is? Imagine trying to secure a squirmy baby or toddler with snap-ons, and making sure you've folded it together properly. You have to buy waterproof covers to go over this. Even with the covers, it tends to be still be leaky. You have to buy liners. With every change, you have to replace everything if urine or poop gets on everywhere inside. It can be time-consuming with every change. 

Not your thing? Yeah, mine either. Let's go on to second category. 

Pocket Diapers

This is called Pocket Diapers. What is unique about this is that it has a pocket in the crotch, and you stuff the pocket with a liner. There is no additional steps needed. It already includes snap-ons or Velcro straps. Due to the material that is inside the cover, it is super absorbent and takes away the urine from your baby thus reducing diaper rashes!

The downfall? You have to pull the dirty liner out of the pocket, and sometimes that can smear on the outer shell of diaper. Then you end up having to wash both liner, and diaper cover. You have to buy liners that does not come with the shells/covers. If you are in hurry, then this may not be ideal for you. 

All In One Diapers

This is All In One Diapers. This is most liked, and most commonly used among cloth-diapering families. Like pocket diapers, this does not require separate covers. Unlike pocket diapers, everything is already included. You do not need to buy liners for this category of cloth diapers. This is probably what is most comes the closest to having the disposable diapers. There are types within this category that can grow with your child, or be bought in specific weight range to fit your baby/toddler's needs. From many people who uses this, leaking is a non-issue.

*Daddies or partners or working parents, who aren't into having to insert liners in the diapers or don't have much time, will love this. They find it to be most convenient, and no work involved at all. 

The downfall? Out of all groups; this takes the longest to dry, and because of this, you may have to buy more diapers than what it is necessary if you plan on cloth-diapering full time. Therefore, more money you have to spend on cloth diapers in this category. 

All In Two Diapers

This is called All in Two Diapers. The difference between this and AIO is that it works kinda like Prefolds. It comes an outer shell (the one that you find so adorable, and comes in many different patterns), and a liner that covers almost entire inner part of the shell (as pictured above). When your baby poops or pees, then you can simply remove the liner, replace the liner, and re-use the outer shell again. It takes up less space in your home. It requires less drying time as opposed to AIO because liners are being washed more frequently than the shells. This is probably also what working parents, Daddies, and partners love the most because of its simplicity and less time consuming. 

The downfall? This is probably one of the most expensive cloth diaper on the market. 


Of course, when you first start researching; you are bombarded with brand names, and you find yourself at complete loss! My suggestion is to start EASY! Make sure you UNDERSTAND the 4 categories first before jumping into brand names. 

Personally, what I like the most are pocket diapers, and All in Two. Now I understand how each group works, I am going to be able to start looking at brands, and know what they represent or come from. I am looking at purchasing half of pocket diapers, and half of All In Two cloth diapers. 

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  1. Who knew there were so many options?! Thanks for sharing this info!!!

    1. You're welcome! I'm really excited to be sharing what I've learned from this in upcoming posts.

  2. wow this helps out a lot!! I had no idea there were so many different kinds. Thanks :)

    1. At first, I had no clue either, and saw that there were different types on the market. I had to figure out what they all were about, and boom, that was how I found out about all of this!

  3. I used prefolds with covers for 6 months and never had problems with leaking. I rarely used the pockets, all in ones, and all in twos. If you go to some websites you can purchase a variety pack to try different types and different brands. I registered at and used and was very happy with them. You know I am in no way working or advertising or anything--just throwing it out there. :D Good luck! I loved cloth diapering while I could make it last!

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    I don't know if you have more than 200 followers, but I couldn't imagine NOT picking you as one of my 11 people to nominate. Talking with you in the forums, reading your posts, and seeing your blogs, remembering your "Progression" blog... It's amazing. It's inspiring... Why are there four different kinds of clothe diapers? (Ahh, the things I've learned from your blog! LOL)

    On the cloth diaper note, I know DH and I aren't anywhere near having kids, but I certainly haven't ruled out cloth diapers. This is great information. Thanks!

    1. Aww, you are the best!!! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog(s). ;) Even though I rarely write in other blog these days, I am glad you enjoyed that one as well.

      4 different types--it's 4 major category that I found in the market among million brand names..okay, maybe not millions, but it sure feels like that. LOL

      Glad you benefited from reading about cloth diapers...I'll be writing more about it in posts yet to come so you can decide it if is for you or not! ;)

  5. Hey Ash! Mentioned you in another one of my blogs if you want to participate again :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks! I love reading your blog posts!!

  6. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!