Wednesday, February 20, 2013

6 Months old!

Dear Forrest,

You are 6 months old! It is hard to believe that half year ago that Mama and Daddy held you in our arms, marveling at how beautiful you were, and feeling slightly apprehensive about taking care of you. Little did Mama and Daddy know....time will fly within a blink of eye, and that taking care of you isn't so scary, and as overwhelming they initially had thought. Matter of fact, it has been so much fun! In these 6 months, you grew, and grew, and grew! Every day brought new challenge, and joy to Mama, Daddy, and you.

You are a rolling bug. You are able to roll from back to stomach, and stomach to the back. You love it when we lay you down on the blanket on floor because you go town rolling around! If Mama look away for a minute, you end up across the room, and make Mama laugh. You are able to rake toward toys, and pull them toward you. You're attempting to crawl by rocking back and forth even though that technique has not succeed for you yet. 

You've started eating pureed food that Mama has made for you. You are given 2 TBSP of pureed food every evening. As soon as you hit 6 months old, you will start eating pureed food twice a day. You react to them much better than you did with the oatmeal. Your favorite thus far is Sweet Potato. You do not seem to like avocado very much. The jury is still out on Bananas. You seem to have a love and hate relationship with it. You like the sweetness that came with Bananas, but not the texture, Mama suspects. You don't care much for squash and pear. 

The biggest surprise was green peas. The first night you were introduced to them, you spat it out, and gave me that look of "What the heck are you giving me?!" On the second night, Mama figured you would react the same way, yet Mama still wanted you to be on the same food for 3 days, and it was a completely change of a heart! You started dancing, wiggling, and waving the spoon toward your mouth. You gobbled down the green glob quite gladly, and had that wink in your eye. I guess you loved your peas!

Along with eating pureed food, you are still on the boob diet. Mama is thrilled to have made it to 6 months mark!

Recently, Mama had to deal with a nasty bout of infection called Mastitis. Fortunately, she caught it in time, and was able to get on antibiotics before it got any worse. That bummed her out briefly because she was tired of dealing with issue after issue after issue with breastfeeding. Mama had a really wonderful bunch of people cheering her up, and assuring her. What helped was that she realized that if she could tackle all the icky issues, then this was not going to kick Mama's butt. Hopefully, this was going to be the last problem she has to deal with from now on.

You celebrated Mama's 28th birthday by shopping with Mama. You were a champ, and loved seeing all the colors of clothes in the department stores. Then you spending a few hours with your Memaw, and grand-aunts while Mama and Daddy went out for much-needed alone time on a date. Mama was not worried about you at all. She knew you were in good hands, and you were! You had a lot of fun. Mama did not feel any different being 28 from being 27--maybe a bit different seeing that she spent most of her 27th year pregnant with you! 

You are a water bug just like Mama is! Mama and Daddy decided to take you swimming at a hotel over Mama's birthday weekend. You took to water like a pro. You splashed, and kicked your little chub feet with a smile on your face. It affirmed that you absolutely liked being in water, and had a blast playing with Daddy. This made Mama look forward to the day when she can take you to a baby swim class!

You love your toddler tub. You are able to sit up unassisted even though you lean a bit too much forward yet. You like to splash your hands in the water, and reach for the jet shower spray. You giggle, coo, and squeal when jet spray water falls on your chubby body. It makes Mama laugh to see you take so much joy in bathing.

You continue to love your Jumperoo. You jump happily inside the jumpero, and could easily spend hours jumping. You love chewing on teething toys, and have keen interest in your toys hanging off the bars. You like the sound of pull-away toys, and even intimate the noise by blowing raspberries. You think it's the funniest thing in the world to blow spit bubbles, and do this quite often when you are upset as well!

A big change occurred in our household recently. We replaced your infant car seat carrier with a Britax car seat that your aunt Jenni gave to us! It was confusing to install the car seat at first, and thankfully, Daddy managed to figure it out! With some hiccups, we managed to get it fitted to meet your needs, and you took to it like a pro.

You and Mr. Jinxy are best friends. Mr. Jinxy loves spending time with you on the floor. He tolerates your crazy grubbing, and pinches. Mama has no idea why that cat tolerates so much of abuse, but is thankful that he is an easygoing cat for you to play with. Layla, our stinky Basset Hound, patiently takes your abuse as well. When she has enough, she calmly gets up, and walks away. Mama can't say the same for Missy Girl for that she spends her time sitting on top of television cabinet, staring down at you with some disdain, and amusement. Missy Girl avoids you as much as she can. Mama suspects she feels a bit jealous of you seeing that she is Mama's first baby before you came along. Thankfully, Missy Girl is prudent enough to stay out of your way. Mama and Daddy are thankful to have a patient brood of animals to love, or in Missy's case, avoid you.

You are getting better with your Eczema. Mama has found the right combination of lotions, and detergent for your clothes. It has been a trial and error for time being. You do still get flare-ups especially on your cheeks from drooling so much. There is not much Mama can do about your cheeks until you stop drooling so much! Nonetheless, it does not take away your cuteness.

You are an early riser much to Mama's dismay. You definitely take after Daddy in that department of sleep! You like to get up at crack of dawn between 5:30 to 6:30. There has been some days when you sleep in until 7 am. Because of this, your bedtime is normally between 6:30 to 7:15 pm. You no longer nap 3 times a day. You nap in the morning and take a super long nap in the afternoon. That is pretty nice because Mama can finish stuff while you take your long nap.

It has been so much joy to watch you grow, and have your personality emerge. You are no longer a quiet tub of a loaf. You love making noises! It won't be long before you catch on that Mama is Deaf, and start using your hands to talk. You are already starting to shake, wiggle, and master your fingers in an attempt to copy Mama's signs. No visible signs are made yet. Even so, you seem to understand the sign for MILK seeing that you shake your hands like crazy when Mama signs milk. Perhaps, in time, you'll be able to grasp how to sign milk, and respond.

You are a very active baby for a 6-month old boy, and your parents look forward to what you bring in month six!!


Mama & Daddy 


  1. You've all come so so so far, wow <3

  2. Six months is such a great age! And Evie LOVED her peas too! She still does in fact!

  3. He's so precious!! Glad I found your blog :) !! I look forward to watching him grow!