Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Look!

I am really excited to unveil a new look to my blog. I hope you will like it as much as I do! I have been wanting to update my blog for a long time, and finally, I got around to looking at graphic designers this past weekend. Etsy has a lot of awesome graphic designers willing to design the look, and to meet your needs as a blogger. The best part? They are affordable! More reasons to love Etsy, right?! I owe a big thanks to Raspberry Road Designs (you can find her shop here). 

On a brief note, I want to let you know that my original URL, for those who aren't sure what URL is, it is a link that starts with http://www. blank, is broken. If you try to use my original URL then you will see a screenshot that says the blog no longer exists. Fear not! My blog is STILL here. I just happened to change the spelling to my blog. My new URL is Use that. I also have a new feature, A RSS feed, which basically subscription to my blog by your email. 

I have a new social buttons; Pinterest, Facebook, Email, and Twitter. Feel free to check them out! I also have a button if you want to link it on your blog, or tumblr account. Fun stuff. Stay posted for some new additions down the road! 

With that, I leave you a picture of Forrest riding in a shopping cart for the very first time! He doesn't seem very impressed, did he? 


  1. I *love* the new look!!! It's so cool watching your blog grow! :)

  2. Totally love the "new look". Keep it up with your blogging as I enjoy reading them! :) <3