Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Overdue Post.....

Looking at giant piles of dishes to be washed, dirty clothes to be washed and dried, and mess laying around house, a smile started to creep on my face because all this indicated that there was so much fun to be had that chores went forgotten...momentarily. 

Turning 28 was not a big deal. It was funny how numbers really meant nothing once you hit all the exciting milestones. When we were teenagers, we wanted to be 16 so we could drive. Once we turned 16, we wanted to be 18, so we could vote. Then we turned 18, we anxiously waited to become 21 so we could drink legally. Once we turned 21, it was what, oh when we turned 25, then we can rent a car. Whoo, whoo, how exciting was that...not really.

After that, you became more excited for life events; weddings, babies, trips/travels, holidays, and stuff like that. Then when your birthdays rolled around, you got excited over appliances for the house instead of clothes or shoes...well, maybe that's a bit of lie because I still get excited about shoes.

Oh! You know me and shoes...I have a shoe fetish...okay, not in that weird sexual way, but like a serious obsession. Anyway, speaking about shoes.... I found a really sweet deal on beautiful pair of nude pump high heel shoes. It was originally marked for $70 or $80, and I got it for...wait for it gents and ladies...$22! I had to buy it. I knew I was probably not going to have a lot of use of them, but I had to have them. Ah, I was impulsive, and it felt good. I hadn't gotten a really awesome pair of heels in like forever...maybe since before I got pregnant. See, how sweet they were.

Forrest, Stu, and I met Mom, and my aunts at the hotel they were staying. We decided to go swimming, and take Forrest into the pool with us. The water was abnormally warm. The temperature was a bit off, but it was a good introduction to Forrest. He was not shocked by the cold time, maybe? He took to the water like a water bug! He really loved the water, and splashed his chubby legs as he was being held by either Stu or myself. This made me want to run to Y and sign up for a swim class already! But I decided it was better to wait until this summer when the weather was a bit warmer, and when Forrest got a bit older before signing up for a baby swim class.

Sunday, we watched Superbowl with our friends. It was a really good time spent by all. We had a lot of really good food. I even had a Superbowl food hang-over the next day! The half-time show was pretty amazing because Destiny's Child had a reunion, and Beyonce looked smoking hot like always. Don't you agree that we needed more of women that looked like her instead of bone-thin celebrities, eh? There was a glimpse of who I thought was an interpreter, and later I learned that he was John Macuere. He was a Deaf performer. I was tempted to tell him to lay off on the tanning booth. Even if he looked like Ken Doll, he did a pretty good job of performing in our language.

I had a huge laundry, and messes to tackle along with a lot of errands to do on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had an internet problem. It crapped out on us. Yay. Fortunately, I had plenty of books, movies, and a wonderful little boy to keep me a company.

This is what we have been up to lately, and why I've been missing from the blogging world. I'm finally all caught up with my blog reading over a cup of coffee. Whew.

Well, I better get going, and spend time with my wonderful little baby boy. *smiles* Hope your week is going wonderful, and it's Thursday already! Where does time fly? 


  1. Yup - sometimes the internet crapping out is a blessing....more time to NOT do chores and have fun!

  2. I love the last picture!! What a sweetie he is.

  3. Just found your blog! Your son is a cutie. And it's true - I am 29 and get really excited about appliances!!!