Friday, February 15, 2013

Cloth Diaper Friday: Disposable VS Cloth Diaper Costs

I am sorry for not posting a Friday post about Cloth Diaper last week. I did have a good reason not to. I was sick with Mastitis. It was like dealing with a flu minus nausea and a lot of pain. I was unable to think clearly, and let alone write a legible post! 

Fortunately, I am feeling SO much better with help from antibiotics, and now I am able to make up for missing last Friday. Before I proceed, I hope you all had a WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S day. 

Many people, I have asked them what made them decide to go into cloth diapering, and the number one response I got was cost. There were different reasons involved as well (environmental, baby's health, and fashion). It was easy to see why. 

Let me show you why cost is the biggest reason. Only in a week and half, I have managed to accumulate 4 bags worth of diapers! In each bag, I averaged between 30-35 disposable diapers. Either my boy liked to poop quite A LOT, or it was just a norm, that I can't tell you, but that killed me to have spend so much on diapers only to toss it out in the trash. 

Recently, I was pinning on Pinterest when I came across to an interesting blog post about the cost analysis between Disposables and Cloth diapers. The finding was really surprising. This finding is not done by me; it is done by a blogger from 

According to most, cloth diapering could save you thousands in only a few years per child; but there have been some naysayers out there claiming that the savings you acquire aren't worth the time and effort you must put in to rinsing, washing, and assembling all of those diapers. Now, I understand there are an inordinate amount of options for cloth and disposable diapering which will change each individual’s cost analysis {not to mention number of changes per day, cost of living, etc}.I have concluded that I cannot go around telling people about the wonderful savings available for parents who cloth diaper without doing the math myself.

So basically, this lady is showing us that the average cost to buy disposable diapers is $1,534.05 each year, and the total cost of buying cloth diapers is $550-$700. Once you have a stash of cloth diapers that works for you and your child, then you're done of ever having to buy another diaper. On the other hand, with disposables, you have to continually buy new box of diapers, and toss them out. This sure beats having to shell out $1,500-something per a year for diapers. 

While this was appealing, my husband did ask me: well, seeing that we will save money by switching over to cloth diapers, which is great, but what's about water cost? Isn't that the hidden cost? 

I am sure that many people would question the same thing....let's check this out.

Now, according to this blogger, if we factor the cost of doing laundry and cloth diapering then it still does not come anywhere close to disposables. The laundry cost costs you around $330 to $657, depending on what brand of cloth diaper you use for your baby, what detergent you're using to wash cloth diapers, how many children you have in cloth diapers, and the disposables for one child EVERY YEAR will cost you $1,534.05. Imagine that, the more babies you have, the more you'll spend on disposable diapers. With cloth diaper stash you already have, you can share diapers among your babies, and that saves you from having to go out and buy more diapers. 

In a longer run, you save more with cloth diapers even with laundering cost. It is easy to see why cost is appealing to some families.

It is appealing to us. It is why we are starting to invest cloth diapers in our house. Some people worry about laundry loads being so overwhelming. For me, the way I see it, what an extra load or two will do? Kill me? I don't think so. It does help that I am a stay at home mom. Does this mean it is not feasible for working moms/dads? No, it is still doable as long as you are dedicated with this. 

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  1. wow this is really informative. Im so torn on switching. I just don't know If i can handle the cloth diapering!!