Friday, February 22, 2013

Cloth Diapering: Not Sure What Brand You want....Try This Instead!

I owe a huge thanks to one of my sorority sisters, S, for hooking me up to several of her cloth diapering friends. Through her friend, I learned about something rather exciting, and it definitely put my mind to rest as in what brands I should chose from. Like most of you, who may be brand-new to cloth diapering as I am, may be overwhelmed by what brands to use for your baby...well, put that to rest, will you!

There is an awesome program that many cloth diapering stores offer called trial and wash. I'll use one of the stores that is more local to where I am as an example: 15 Day Wash Program. Basically, what is about is that I put down money in advance, pick whatever brands I want to try for 15 days, and if I don't like it then I can just return it back to the store, and get my money back. Some stores will let you pick up to 3 brands, and some will let you pick as many as you wish. There are variety in how long you can try them for. Some will let you try for up to a month, and some will be for 2 weeks. 

I am planning on doing this in a few weeks. What I have in the mind is that I want to try Bumgenuis 4.0, and flip diapers. I may give AIO a chance again, and see if it's something we can use. Personally, I would prefer to have 2-3 different brands in my stash. That way, I can have variety to choose from. Then I can actually give you my input, my experience, and my thoughts instead of parroting from others' experiences! I'm quite excited about this. 

I'm ready to kick disposable diapers to the curb....before I can do that, I have to invest in a wet bag, and a diaper cream that is not petroleum-based (the same stuff you will find in Vaseline, and many lotions). I will explain more why in future posts. 

Anyway, you can pretty much google cloth diaper trial, and pick what fits your needs the best! How awesome is that, really. 

This post is not strictly focused on cloth diapers today. I guess I am in a writing mood or something! But honestly, I want to share my excitement about a major change I recently went through. 

I was dealing with a lot of pesky post-partum hormones that caused my hair to thin out really bad, and fall out like crazy. I felt like I was balding. I had some receding spots on my forehead!! Funny thing was that, nobody bothered to tell me about this while I was pregnant, and I had to learn this in a hard way after I gave birth to my son. At first, it was not that bad at all--or I didn't notice at all due to sleep deprivation, and dealing with a newborn craziness. Then about four months in, I started shedding my hair like crazy, and my hair joined the ranks among our brood of pets' fur. Our shower drain was clogged routinely. Not fun. I finally decided it was time to treat, and chop the dead-weight off my head. 

So I did.......

At first, I was not 100% sold on my hair because it was such a drastic change, and it took me a while to get used to a different hairstyle. 

Right now, I love it. It feels so much better, lighter, and smoother. The best part? I don't shed like crazy anymore! 

Well, I'm off to enjoy such a rare time-together with Stu (school got cancelled due to a snowy day), and Forrest! 


  1. That haircut is so flattering and nice--don't doubt it for a second!

  2. You're crazy! Don't doubt that hair for a second... you look smokin' hot!