Monday, February 4, 2013

Did Walt Disney Have a Mama Complex?

Becoming a mom certainly opened up a world that has been long forgotten. The world of childish pleasures, kid movies, and toys to be enjoyed again...especially the kid movies that are made by Disney. Once Forrest was born, Stu, and I had a crazy shopping spree moment where we purchased Disney movies that we eagerly wanted to watch with Forrest. 

Forrest, and I watched our first Disney movie together...Bambi. What a bad idea to watch especially if you are still recovering from childbirth, and dealing with all pesky postpartum hormones. Bambi's mother was shot, and killed. Bambi cried by his dead mother's body. My heart jumped into my throat, and I bawled. 

Okay, no animal movies for me awhile or at least my hormones settled in some. I switched my focus from animals to Disney Princesses. Forrest, and I watched Sleeping Beauty. In the beginning of the movie, the King and Queen oohed and ahhed over their beautiful daughter. Then the movie progressed to show that the Queen had passed away which led King to marrying that vile stepmother. 

Snow White was the next movie on my agenda. Snow White's mother had passed away. The King married the evil step-mother. 

Cinderella had no mother. Matter of fact, the father was not in the picture either. She had a mean stepmother with two spoiled stepsisters. 

Belle was one of my favorite princesses, and Beauty and the Beast was on my top five favorite Disney movies. It finally dawned to me that....

Belle had no mother. 

Okay, let's check out Little Mermaid, also one of my favorite movies, and see if she had a mother.....


What's about Jasmine? Or Aladdin?

Nope. Nope.

Well, you can argue that modern Disney movies do have main characters with living mothers. Think again.

Harry Potter had no mother, and father as well. He lived with his uncle and aunt, and a rude cousin. 

I can keep going on, but I think I've made my point by now. Really. What is the deal with Motherless films that Disney had produced! I brought this up to Stu. He shook his head, and insisted there was no pattern to it. I pointed out the movies, and slowly, he caught on. Finally, Stu nodded his head, and said you should blog about this because this is really interesting, and my theory is that maybe Walt wanted kids to develop empathy toward those characters because they didn't have their moms and most kids do. I shrugged. Maybe he was right. It was to encourage empathy among kids. 

Or Walt Disney had a serious mama complex among with some anti-Semitic attitude (don't believe me about Anti-Semitic thing that Disney had--check it out, and you'll be surprised). 

So...what's your theory? 


  1. Wow, that never would have occurred to me until you wrote this. Now it seems so obvious!

  2. omg!! I never noticed that, I'm going to start questioning them all now lol. wt heck!! Maybe they want kids to understand death? or that it is ok not to have a mom? maybe the disney creators are all high and mighty men? lol so weird.

  3. I think Disney doesn't like to have two living parents in their movies. Look at Princess and the frog. Her mother is alive but father is dead. :)

    1. Meet the Robinsons, Pocahontas, Nemo, Lion King.

      I never realized this really until you brought it up! Interesting very very interesting.

  4. It's not really Disney thing as much as it is a classic story thing. Disney just happens to steal a lot of classic stories. Most super heroes don't have mothers, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz didn't, etc. Mothers kill adventure because they protect their kids. We can forgive Auntie Em going into the tornado shelter without Dorothy, but we would never forgive a mother.