Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mama 0, Baby 1

Mama was styling something fierce this morning. I had hoped I was going to get away without A) Pee, B) Spit up, or C) Poop this morning by riddled with errands, and a doctor appointment for my little man. Mission failed. I had spit up on my nice shirt by end of the doctor appointment. 

Mama 0, Baby 1. That's a life of a mommy though. 

My little man isn't so little. He is 26 and half inches long. I'm way off on the weight. I thought Forrest is probably 20-21 pounds...as it turned out, he is only 19 pounds. My arms beg differently though. His head is huge too. I am told that his head  measurement is in 87% range. No wonder why he can't fit in some of his clothes that isn't stretchy enough for his head to get through. 

It is no wonder why I feel exactly like this while I am nursing him:

Mind you, this picture is not mine. I found this on Facebook, and can completely commiserate with that woman! It is how roughly half of our nursing session normally goes. It can get tricky to maneuver around those little kicks, and grabs while reading on my Nook. 

Anyway, the shots were alright. Forrest cried, and wailed on top of his lungs for a few minutes. After that, boom; he was all good, and went back to being a happy little baby boy. Even the nurses, and my interpreter remarked on how happy baby Forrest was. I felt pretty lucky to have an easy-going baby. 

Well, that might kick me in the butt later, but let me enjoy this moment.....

While my little man is napping, I'm off to search for wet bags on Etsy. I'm really liking OWL Wet Bag. I think it's really adorable, don't you? It should be enough for the cloth diaper trial period. Once we have decided on what we like, then I will invest in something bigger to hold soiled cloth diapers! 

In the meanwhile, have a lovely Tuesday! 


  1. Love the new layout! Very cute!

  2. Too funny, I love that nursing picture you found. So cute/funny. Your little man is so precious!

    1. I know! Isn't it hilarious. Even non-breastfeeding mamas might laugh at the picture and be able to relate to it somehow (perhaps during diaper change, or trying to dress their baby, etc). ;)