Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 months old!

Dear Forrest, 

You are now seven  months old. Mama can't believe that you are rapidly approaching your first birthday. It brings tears to her eyes just because Mama is a big sap like that. She still can remember the day she delivered you, then held you in her arms, and how your eyes met Mama's eyes for the very first time. 

Mama is already brainstorming for ideas to do for your first birthday! She is hoping that she can secure a wonderful photographer, the very same one who did your newborn photo shoot, to do your first birthday pictures. She is collecting ideas for picture poses, cute outfits, and suggestions for your pictures. Mama is probably way too excited about your first birthday more than you are. 

At your six month check-up, you were measured to be at 26 and half inches long, and that put you in the 44 percentile among your peers. You grew only an inch since your last doctor visit in January. Even so, you were still pretty tall for your age! Mama was so sure that you had to be in 20-pound range given with how her arms have been feeling these days by carrying you. She was surprised to learn that you were only 19 pounds! You were put in 68% among your peers in weight, and height other words, you were a bit bigger than average! The biggest surprise of all was your head measurement. Now, Mama has never been that focused on your head measurement, yet this one threw a curve at her. Your head was measured to be at 45.5 CM...and get this, Dr. Johnson put you in 87 percentile. When Daddy read the report chart after Mama handed it over to him, he burst out laughing, and replied, "Our boy is short, stocky, and has a big head!" 

You are now eating twice a day! Once in mid-morning between 10:00 to 11:00 am, and once in the evening between 4:30 to 5:30 pm. Sweet Potato is still your favorite. You are still hating on pears even if they are mixed with rice cereal that Mama made from scratch. You are not crazy about rice cereal, and prefer oatmeal. You absolutely love yogurt! You pig out on that with every chance you get! You even try to grasp on the spoon, and feed yourself every time Mama feeds you. What Mr. Independent you are. You definitely DO NOT like carrots. You make faces, and spit them out or obligingly eat it while pouting.  Mama continues to experiment by making new food for you to try, and sample!

Despite trying new food, your favorite source of food continues to be boob milk, and you start nursing less especially at the night. You are able to sleep from 6:45-7 pm until 5 am with one nursing session in the between. It is really  nice especially for your parents! During the day, you nurse every 4 hours instead of 2-3. It continues to be Mama's favorite time because she gets to spend quiet time with you for 10 minutes at most. You are definitely a distracted nurser because you have to check out everything around you, and it can make nursing sessions a bit difficult! Fortunately Mama has a trick up her sleeve; she wears fun necklace for you to pull and grab at so you can focus on eating. Mama can't believe that she has made to 7 months with you. It is making the year goal much more feasible now!

You are able to sit up unassisted longer and longer each time. You are able to sit up for half hour before toppling over, or lose interest in it and crawl instead.  You are able to army crawl now!  You are beginning to drag yourself by your elbows. Your grand-aunt, Ro, has decided to call you a seal because you look absolutely like a seal flopping on the land. You are still trying to figure out how to work your legs. Sometimes, you stick your booty in the air, and shake it, but to no avail. You give up, and drag yourself by your elbows. Even so, crawling may come to you early! While this may be all exciting and fun to you to be able to crawl, mama is dreading it because she will be chasing after you everywhere, and who needs a gym to work out when mama has you?

Mama, and you visited her family. You saw Grandpa Dave, and even helped to pat the bread loaves! You loved Grandpa Dave's scratchy chin, and his silly antics to make you laugh. Grandpa Dave said that he could not wait for you to get older so he could play Killer Squirrel with you--yes, the very same game that he used to play with Mama and your uncle when they were kids! Jess, and one of Grandpa's Dave friends, Lisa, knitted you beautiful blankets. You sure loved snuggling with the blankets during your nap time, and bed time. You were spoiled rotten by your Grand-Aunt Ro, and Memaw. You were doted on by few of Mama's friends. It was a lovely trip, and you definitely missed Daddy. You hung on him like a monkey the whole afternoon after we returned home!

There is still no sign of any tooth. You still drool like crazy, and gnaw on anything you can put your mouth to. Mama is told that you are chronically teething. Acute teething occurs when a tooth breaks through, and that's when it won't be pleasant for everybody involved especially you. Mama hopes that toothing monster won't make his appearance anytime soon, but if he does then she is armed and ready!

You have started wearing cloth diapers! So far, it has been pretty good for you, and Mama. Your bum looks, and feels much better. Mama is looking forward to this journey of cloth diapering with you! 

You are Mr. Explorer these days. You definitely love putting your hands on everything you can find, and put it in your mouth! Mama has to baby-proof the entire play area, which happens to be the living room, so you cannot put your chub fingers on dangerous things! You are definitely keeping Mama on her toes, and Mama would not trade this for anything else in the world. It is fun to watch you explore, and learn the world around you. 

Mama and Daddy loves you so, so, very much. They look forward to what this month has to bring to you, and them!

Mama & Daddy

*Side note: Family and friends; I have been asked about pictures, and why they are watermarked. The reason why I have watermark on my pictures especially of Forrest is to protect thief, taking photos without my permission, and misuse of my photos that I post on my blog. If you want any photos you see, then feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to e-mail you any non-watermarked pictures you like!*