Friday, March 8, 2013

Cloth Diapering Friday: Building Up My Stash

I am pretty excited to be expanding my stash...slowly but surely! I recently found cloth diapers at Target, which happen to be one of my favorite places to shop, called Charlie Banana. My stash is one size (newborn to 35 pounds). The last two cloth diapers on the far left are not through Charlie Banana. The green one is Bumgenius Pocket 4.0, and the owl cloth diaper is AIO.

It's a bit pricey for just 6 diapers, and the good thing is that the profit goes to Operation Smile. It is for children with cleft plates. So your money is used for good cause. Think about it. Your profit goes for surgery fees, and you're helping the environment by not using icky disposable diapers. Charlie Banana is very much into Climate Action and reducing carbon footprints. Their company philosophy is pretty neat. Check it out if you have time.

I'm hoping that Charlie Banana will be our "it" brand because I am really liking them. Basically, you stuff an insert in the pocket then lay on the liner on the top to prevent solids from smearing on the diaper itself. The liner is bamboo covering that you can lay on top of the cloth diaper, and tuck it inside. The urine goes through it, and is absorbed by the reusable insert. Then you just pick off the liner, and flush it down the toilet! If there's poop on it, then just wrap it up, and flush. How convenient, right?  If you are not into that then it's okay too. You can use either brush to scrap poo off, or diaper sprayer that is attached to the toilet, and spray poo off that way. Up to you. I may be using liners at first until I buy diaper sprayer.

If you are traveling, and don't have any washing machines nearby then you can use disposable inserts. You put it on the top instead of stuffing it in the pocket. Once it is soiled, then you just throw it away. This company values eco-friendliness so the disposables are biodegradable, and free of chemicals such as chlorine and plastic. The material is made out of wood pulp! Nice, right?


My CB (Charlie Banana) stash is one-sized diapers. One size diapers come with bra strap, I can't think of right word to call that, inside, and you can adjust from small to medium to large in one step. It is neatly tucked away inside so it won't irritate your baby's bum. I almost could not find it at first! Geez, of course, only me. Anyway, it is good because then it won't stick out and be annoying like that. I'm hoping it will benefit us in a long run. 

I'm really excited to try them out. I will be washing the diapers, and inserts today. The inserts have to be washed 4-6 times in order to open up the pores. I am going to use Rocking Green detergent sample, and see if I like it. There are many different cloth diaper detergent you can use. Some are more expensive, and some cheaper. As long as it is made for cloth diapers, then you are fine. 

My wet bags are finally sent out in the mail! I am eagerly waiting for them. Once I get them, then we can really get into cloth diapering! And if Charlie Banana works for us, then I will be investing more in them, and I plan on getting some Flips too.