Friday, March 22, 2013

Cloth Diapering Friday: Prepping & Getting Started

We've been cloth diapering for some time now. I am really happy that we made the switch! I absolutely love Charlie Banana line. It is soft to touch, and is not super bulky at all. My little guy has little butt, and tiny waist, but chubby thighs so it can make it a bit difficult to find quite exact fit. Charlie Banana diapers fit really well, and is comfortable for Forrest. I also like Bumgenius 4.0, but I find it is a bit annoying to have fold the large insert to make it fit inside the pocket. So those two are my to go pocket diapers. I still definitely do not like AIO Thiristies (same one as pictured down below). It is just pain; yes it is easier to just slap it on without stuffing or laying down the insert inside the cover, but it is bulky, and takes FOR-EVER to dry. 

The prep work was a lot of work, I won't lie. I washed my diaper covers once with Rock N Green detergent, then hung them up to dry. I preferred it to be dried on a drying rack instead of throwing it in the dryer. Technically, I could have if I wanted to as long as it was tumbled on very low setting, and I didn't want to risk ruining the PUL (waterproof fabric that you find on the cloth diapers). It took half day to dry the pocket diapers, and about a day and half for AIO. 

Keep in the mind. I live in Wisconsin. It is cold outside--about average between 20 to 30 degrees, and it plays a factor in drying the cloth diapers, okay. In the summer, I hope to hang the covers, and inserts outside on the line. Then I can tell you how long it gets them dry during Wisconsin summers. 

For the inserts, I washed them accordingly the direction on Charlie Banana website, which was to wash them in cold water, and dry the inserts on low in the drying machine. I did this six times! It was to open up the pores inside them, and help them to enhance their absorbency. It was honestly not that bad because I knew pre-washing, and prepping them was only one-time thing. 

It was a bit awkward at first because I was so new to it. I was not sure when Forrest needed to be changed. His poop didn't smell as bad in cloth diapers. I was struggling a bit to put everything together, and put it on Forrest. Once I got a hang of it, it became easier, and I was able to do it with an ease. I checked Forrest when I felt he needed to be changed. Blow-outs were easily contained, and did not leak out. Trust me, that guy had a lot of poop quality ever since he started eating solid purees 2x a day! I was pleasantly impressed at how well the diaper contained the poop. It was not even bad to remove the soiled diaper off Forrest. I simply ran water on the soiled diaper to get excess off, and threw it in the wet bag for the washing day. 

I already saw an immediate difference from using disposables, and cloth diapers. Forrest's bum appeared to be less irritated, and he didn't fight or wiggle like crazy when I put a cloth diaper on him yet when I use disposables (at night); Forrest's bum turned red, and he fought to have it put on him. 

The stash I had was not enough to last us two days. I only had 10 cloth diapers on the hand to test, and experiment with. I didn't want to buy specific brand in a bulk to only find that I hated them. Fortunately, I did end up loving Charlie Banana line, and planned on buying more of them!

I'm really glad that we made the switch. 

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  1. I love that you post about cloth diapering! I have recently prepped my diapers (a little early, but it feels nice to be doing something to prepare for my son's birth) I have been hang drying my covers as well. I am also afraid of de-lamination on the PUL. It didn't take as long as I thought to dry--and considering we are not using the diapers yet, it was much easier to wait for them to dry. Wisconsin's winter this year has been rough, but I think since last year was so insane, we got spoiled, and this year just seems that much worse! I can, however, see patches of grass today and the sun is shining. I count this as a blessing! Hopefully soon I can hang out my clothesline :)