Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eating Solids

We got a green light by our doctor to put Forrest on rice cereal when he was four months old. The result was disastrous. Forrest developed a reaction to the cereal. We stopped giving him Gerber rice cereal, and held off on pureed food until Forrest was five and half months old. 

Wheat, and grains are normally harder for exclusively breastfed babies to process because breast milk is a thin substance that is easily passed through the system. Matter of fact, boob milk acts like laxative. It does not come as a great surprise that breastfed babies often struggle adapting to solids since it does not carry laxative-like properties. Formula-fed babies adapt faster since their stomachs are already accustomed to heavier formula mixture, and it stays in their stomachs longer which gives them an advantage over breastfed babies. 

Well, I didn't know that until very recently. I had been comparing my breastfed baby's food developmental milestones to formula-fed babies all along, and it had not been helpful at all. Matter of fact, I started to worry that Forrest was slower than his peers when it came to food. When I found out among breastfed babies' mamas that Forrest was just right on the track for breastfed babies, it lifted worry off my mind, and reset confidence for me. 

At 5.5 months old, I started giving Forrest pureed food over the course of a month; sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, peas, and bananas. Forrest had no reaction to any food I had given to him. Matter of fact, he enjoyed this so much that he came up with little baby wiggly dance every time food was presented in front of him! I loved making food from the scratch for Forrest, and knowing what went into his food. Baby Bullet was one of the best baby gifts I have gotten. 

Love Baby bullet storage bins. It stores up to 4 TBSP of baby food.

Sweet Potato (yellow on left) for supper and Pears (gray on right) for midday meal. 

I love this because it is freezer storage for baby food. It lasts up to a month.  

It is not until very recently when I re-introduced rice cereal back in Forrest's diet. The catch is that this time around, I MADE rice cereal from the scratch, and it was much better because I knew what went into it. Forrest still expressed very little interest in rice cereal. Matter of fact,he made faces the whole time, even if it was mixed with his favorite, peas. Just like his mama...very picky with texture of the food.  At least he had no reaction to them this time! I decided that I wanted to make an oatmeal instead next time, and see how Forrest liked them. 

Rice cereal (made out of milled brown rice)

For supper; I mix sweet potato with rice cereal. 
I love baby bullet. Seriously. I'm not trying to advertise the product, I promise. It is just that I find it so worthy because I am able to make baby food from scratch, and store them in neat little containers. It is quick and easy to clean up after them as well! Like I said, one of the best baby gifts I have gotten. 

I'm hoping to get two meals a day routine down once Forrest, and I return home from our trip! 

What is your favorite baby product, and why??

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  1. Oh man I wish I had registered for the baby bullet! We have a great food processor (which is why we felt we didn't need the baby bullet) - but it's bulky and a pain to wash so I gave up making food after a few months of it. Next time around, it will definitely be something we indulge in!

    I have so many favorite baby items... pack & play, ergo baby carrier, baby trend jogging stroller, adan & anis blankets... I don't think I could pick! :o)