Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We wore RED for LOVE

Yesterday, we wore red for love. We live in time and age that our country seems to believe that there is a limitation to love. To them, love have boundaries, and rules, which is something I do not understand, and believe in. You know the secret? The real love, I mean, true profound love, really does not come with any preconceived meanings, and hidden agendas. It just is. Love doesn't discriminate. Love doesn't test, manipulate, and twist things. Love is not even complicated. It is quite simple. So frighteningly simple that it scares some individuals. 

Love is not blind. Love knows. 

Falling in love just happens. It swells, and swells, and swells to such impossible magnitude that it can be overwhelming. It can be scary. Then it becomes exhilarating, and beautiful. Suddenly, it becomes something you have to stand up for, and fight for. On contrary to the popular belief, love is not blind. It does not randomly selects. Love hits you out of nowhere. 

Maybe love is that handsome dark-skinned man sitting across the room, looking at you with his brown eyes, and  the fact that your skin is a different color does not frazzle him. 

Maybe love is that very moment when you birthed your first child; your little squirmy baby screaming, and crying as she is being placed on your heaving chest, and you look up at your partner with an awe, silently thinking, we are family now.

Maybe love is your very best friend laughing, and holding you around your shoulders, and not caring about how you dress, how you talk, how you look simply because you are her best friend. 

Maybe love is when a friend comes over after your failed IVF treatment, cleans the house without any prompting from you, cooks you dinner, and listens to you while you are crying for a child you have yet to conceived, wondering what is wrong with your body, whether if your husband still loves you, and what to do next. 

Maybe love is the act of letting go of someone. It hurts you so deeply to let go, but you know it is for the best especially for the person you love. 

Maybe love is when you realize that the person standing just inches away from you is beautiful, and you want to be with him, and the fact that you are a man does not scare him either. 

Maybe love is standing up to a big play-yard bully for a person, who is constantly being picked on, and you really don't know that person that well...matter of fact, maybe that person is a stranger to you, yet you just have to stand up for that person. 

Maybe love is when you fall in love with someone, marry, and still treat her/his children as your own. 

Maybe love is when you reveal your sexual orientation to someone you care, you are feeling very vulnerable and scared, and then only to discover that person really don't care about your sexuality because that is only a small part of who you are, still love you for you, and still wants to be your close friend. 

Maybe love is rescuing an old dog at the pound, knowing that her years may be numbered, but that is okay because you just want to give her a good home for those remaining few years. 

Maybe love is in the act of teaching even though you work long thankless hours at end for not enough pay, even if the kids are unruly, and unappreciative, even when sometimes some parents give you a hard time, and struggling with ever-changing politics that impacts your job. 

Maybe love is when you, while what is happening may not align with your beliefs, show love, and tolerance toward someone else who may be different from you. 

Maybe love is you learning someone else's language simply because you want to get know that person a bit better. 

Maybe love is holding your terminally ill wife's hand, and whispering in her ear how much you love her while you are desperately wishing to have more time with her, and staying with her until the very end so she won't be afraid. 

Yes, that's love. There are many different types of love, and there is no specific way to love. It just is. This is why it makes me sad to have my son to live in such place where someone tries to dictate what love is.

I do not want to have to be the one to sit down with my son one day, and tell him that there are laws in place that prevents him from loving whoever he desires to. I do not want him to grow up thinking it is okay to have those laws in the place. I do not want him to question why it is okay to be married for 72 hours, then have the marriage to be annulled, or it is okay to be married for ten years, and get divorced, yet it is not okay to marry someone who happens to be the same sex as you are. I do not want to have to continue fight twenty years from now to change a law dictating marriage. 

I want my son to be able to open the history book, and see the day when Marriage Equality Act is put in the place, then shake his head, and say, "I'm glad that it is not the problem we have today. Those people back then...what were they thinking?" 

Just like how I used to look at my history textbook, and shake my head at the fact that interracial marriage was once unacceptable because it was ridiculous, and no-brainer that everybody should be with everybody that they loved.

I won't be posting until next week. We are heading up north to Farm to celebrate Easter, and I'm going to take advantage of this time to "unplug" from life. I'll be back before you know it! Have a great Easter! 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful post, Ashley. I really can't say it any other way. This is beautiful.