Sunday, April 21, 2013

8 Months Old!

Dear Forrest, 

You are eight months old This month has brought on a major change in your life. You are experiencing your first move! Mama is a bit sad to leave your old home because it has so many memories of her being pregnant with you, bringing you home from the hospital, and watching you grow from an infant to a baby. At the same time, it is exciting to be able to move into a bigger home with more space, and creating new memories with you. Daddy is quite happy to have a new home so close to his work because now he will be home earlier, and be able to spend more time with you. Mama is also relieved that Daddy won't have to make long commute especially in winter. Daddy and Mama hope that you will adjust to new home with no problem. 

You had a great first Easter. You loved being up on the Farm, and playing with your cousins. Your cousins were absolutely fascinated by you, and were so wonderful with you. Daddy and Mama could see you becoming fast friends with your cousins! You dazzled everybody by eating chunky food, and you absolutely loved Grandma B cooking. Mama and Daddy agreed that they were excited for your second Easter because by then, you will be more involved, and running around to find your basket with your cousins! Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and be warmer next year so you can go Egg-Hunting!

You have moved on to stage 2 food. One day, you just grabbed a spoon from Mama, and wanted to feed yourself! Mama decided to try giving you chunkier food, and you were more than ready to indulge them! After that, it was no looking back after that!

You are able to eat chunkier, textured food such as steamed broccoli, chopped sweet potatoes, and whatever that Mama has made for you. You like chopped banana, which is kind of strange because you don't like banana as a yogurt or pureed. You enjoy eating Mumm Mumm (kind of like biscuits), Yogurt Melts, and Cheerios. You love using your fingers, and practice your pincer grasp skill. For breakfast, you enjoy pureed pumpkin with applesauce, and often try to feed yourself with your fingers! It can get quite messy, and it is okay as long as you are learning while having fun. 

Mama and you have made to month 8 of breastfeeding! The best is that in the past month, Mama had no issue with breastfeeding, and that made her happy. The only issue she has with you now is trying to keep you focused on eating instead of kicking, squirming, giggling, babbling, and pushing away. Mama is not sure whether she should continue breastfeeding until you hit a year old or start weaning you this come summer. She has never thought she would have gotten this far on this journey with you! Because of that, the next step is still in the question. Mama is taking this one step at time with you, and deciding what will be the best for you both.

You've recently battled a cold that lingered on what felt like forever. You were pretty much a trooper for the most part. The first week, you struggled to sleep through the night, and wanted to be nursed quite frequently.  Mama had to put your eating adventure on a pause for a few days when you were quite ill with a cold because boob milk had antibiotics for you to get better (which probably contributed to your frequent waking in the night). You developed an aversion to having your nose wiped! Poor you had so much snot running down your upper lip which warranted Mama or Daddy to wipe your nose, and you screamed your head off every...single...time! After you got better, you were back on the schedule with eating twice a day, and boob milk throughout the day. Mama did not get much sleep from checking on you constantly, and getting up with you to make sure you were doing okay. Fortunately, that phase passed, and Mama (and you) got much-needed sleep once again.

You are a belly sleeper just like Daddy is. Every time when Mama goes in to check on you, you are fast asleep on your belly, and happily snoring away. You sleep better on your belly than when you are on your back or side. Because of this, Mama and Daddy are happy to oblige to your likes and dislikes especially when it comes to your sleep!

You are army-crawling with vigor these days. Boy, do you ever move so fast! You are still attempting to lift your stomach off the floor, and crawl without much success yet. You will get hang of it before you know it. Just keep on trying, and it will come to you. 

You have recently learned a new trick. You are starting to pull yourself up! You love to reach onto your toddler chair, and wiggle your little bum as you pull yourself up. Then you look back, and burst in a big smile with your little cooing laughter of yours! I swear that you do it mostly to get applauds, and loud cheering from Mama and Daddy.

You are able to sit up unassisted by yourself. It all started on one evening when Mama put you down for bed in your crib, and the monitor went off. Mama went in to check on you. To her great surprise, you were sitting up, babbling at your feet, and clapping your hands. That evening, it took several times for you to understand that it was not play time, and it was bed time!

There is still no sign of any teeth. Mama recently learned that if parents are late-teethers then it is likely that their children will be late teethers as well! It is possible that you won't be getting any tooth until you are closer to being one. Even so, Daddy and Mama are still on a look-out for any budding tooth! You are still drooling like a Mastiff dog. You continued to babble, and make noises such as dada, mama, baba, ahh, and oooh. Of course, you still had not connected any meaning to those sounds, but that certainly did not make them any less cute!

You started to sign! Your first sign is MILK. You were sitting on your play mat, and turned to Mama then signed milk milk milk milk milk until you got what you wanted. It made Mama's heart proud. Daddy, and Mama continued to sign in your presence in order for you to pick up more signs, and you watch them with such intensity. Mama hopes that you will be able to pick up more signs by the time you turn one.

You continue to be a wonderful baby, and your parents feel incredibly blessed to be your parents! Mama and Daddy are looking forward to what you have to bring this month!

Mama and Daddy