Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big News....

We are anticipating a big change coming our way once again. It will be crazy, chaotic, and a bit stressful this month, and I am happy to say that it will be coming with a nice pay-off in the end. I have no idea how we will do this with a seven-month old baby in the tow. What comforts me is that there are other families that have done this with a baby, sometimes a baby with a toddler, or a family of kids running underneath their feet, and they have survived. We will survive. 

You see, we are moving by end of this month! Actually, we have been given a green light to gradually move in the new place. It will help us to have smaller things out of the way before our big move weekend. Our big move-in weekend will be end of April, and we should be in our new place by May first! 

It is so nice to have the search to be finally over. We started in January of this year. Back then, it was more like causal looking around to get an idea what houses, and apartment looked like closer to Stu's work. We wanted to cut down on Stu's commute time. He already have been working long hours, and it did not help to add to those hours by driving 40 minutes. Stu felt that he was missing out on family time by driving so much, and face it; paying for gas really sucked. It was a drainer on our bank account for sure. I did not like to have worry so much about Stu's safety on the road especially in the winter through the rural roads, and having to be cautious of other drivers. We decided that we did not want to live in the same location where he was working at because there was not much of convenience nearby (no food store, no local stores, and all that). It was when we knew that we preferred to return to the town where we graduated college. It was about 20 minutes west from where we were currently living at. It was much nicer area; a little cute town with stores, restaurants, parks, and all that nice things you would want your kid to be exposed to. The best part? Stu's work was only 15 minutes away at most. That meant he will be home earlier, more often, and less hocking out to pay for gas on the credit card!

We knew that it was not going to be a permanent deal to live there so we knew that we wanted a rental house, or a bigger duplex than the one we were living in already. It was really difficult to "shop around" for a nice house or duplex especially when you have a baby, and pets. Pet fees really sucked. I forgot how much it  blew. There was no way we were going to give up our pets just to waiver pet fee. There was also no way that we were going to have our baby living in a place that was not that ideal to raise a little boy, and maybe adding a little brother or sister to the mix eventually. 

For example, we looked at this really cute house out in the country nearby Stu's work, and while the house was really nice; we didn't like the steep stairs, and it had barely any room for our feet to walk up on the boards. Then it was angled at a weird angle which made it so steep. I barely could walk up without feeling like I was going to fall! Stu and I looked at each other, and silently thought, NO way, not with our dog, and little boy potentially tumbling down the stairs, and be injured. 

We kept looking around for a while, again, rather causally, and began pick up our pace a little as the weather started to warm up. We wanted to be able to move by end of Stu's school/work year to make it easier for all of us to move. We learned kind of in a hard way not to move in summer due to Stu's summer school teaching, and football summer camp. Way too hectic. Anyway, we found a potential place recently, and decided to look at it. 

It was everything we looked for. There was a lot of space, three bedrooms, and a nice-sized backyard for our dog to roam. It was not brand-new perfect, and had several things that needed to be replaced before we moved in. The carpet had to be replaced due to previous tenant's pet damage. The kitchen was being redone. The windows were in the process of being replaced. We were relieved that those damages were being repaired because if they weren't then the chance of us moving in was slim. 

We liked that the bedrooms were near on the upstairs level. It made it easier for us to reach Forrest if we needed to, and having an additional bedroom was nice for our visitors. The bathroom was a bit smaller than the one at our current place, and even so, it was a full bathroom. Some places we looked at didn't even have bathroom on the same floor as bedrooms were located at! On the main floor, the living room had a large front window which was nice, the dining room was in a nice shape, and the kitchen was a bit on a small side, but that was not a deal-breaker for me. Our current kitchen was already small as well, and I made it do. Then there was a half bathroom located between the kitchen, and the living room. A bonus to have an additional bathroom! 

In the basement, there was a huge laundry room with a basin sink next to the washing and drying machines hook-ups, which was something I liked, because it was going to make cloth diapering easier. Next to the laundry room; there was a man-cave with walk-in sliding doors leading out to the back-yard, and that was also very nice. The only sucky thing I saw was that the floor laminated tile was not in the best shape near the sliding doors. That, we were told, was not going to be repaired right away since it was not damaged, but rather more of for authentic look issue to be fixed, and because of that, the landlord felt it was not necessary at this time to fix it. 

The yard was really big. We liked it. The front yard was a bit of a different story. It was muddy, and messed up from previous tenants moving out, and snow melting. Fortunately, the landlord was already seeding the yard, and grass should grow in time. The neighbors in the duplex had a mess going on their side. I was a bit turned off by that. We were not sure if the neighbors were spring-cleaning or trying to get rid of things from their house. We were assured that the couple living there was good people, who were in their 50's, and have been living there for ten years. They have grandchildren that comes over and visit. So that meant our little boy running around won't be an issue for them. 

The best part was that there was no pet fee. The expectation was to pay the rent, maintain the place, and pay utilities. We really liked the sound of not having to pay additional $25-$50 per pet. 

The landlord was really nice, and friendly. She was a bit hesitant when she learned that we had pets. I didn't blame her because of the previous tenants' irresponsibility in handling their pets causing damage to the house. We did assure her that our pets were well-behaved, spayed/neutered, and have no history of causing damage. Our current place was in good shape. So our pets must be great then, right. Even though, the landlord's hesitancy made us think that we may not have much of a chance to secure the place. We filled out the application, and submitted it to her, and waited. She did contact our current landlord, and looked up on us (as to be expected). Our current landlord put in a great word for us, and said great things about us and our pets. Yay! 

Then last night, we learned that we were approved to get the place!

Hence, the chaos will be a crazy busy month. 

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  1. Congratulations! It's nice to have a long stretch of time during which to move.

    The last time we moved it was across the street, and my husband was deployed, so I did it bit by bit. It seemed stupid to box things just to carry them across the street but it took FOREVER especially with three little kids in tow. But it was so worth it to be in the right space for us!