Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Loving: Spending my time cuddling with Forrest. He is a very independent baby, and does not really want to cuddle for too long. Now he's sick, while I hate the fact that he is sick, and he just wants to be by his Mama. So I'm soaking up all this cuddling mode he is in! Seeing more grass through the patches of melting snow; spring is truly on its way, and I can't wait for warm weather to finally to arrive! 

Reading: In Death Series by J.D. Robbs (pen name for Nora Roberts); Loyalty in Death, and I can't remember what order number I am on now. I absolutely love this series because there's a strong female heroine, Eve, that just absolutely kicks ass, along with a dash of good romance thrown in with a futuristic setting.

Watching: We are so behind on our favorite TV series. Thank goodness for DVR, huh? We are hooked on The Following, Monday Morning, & The Walking Dead. Actually, I'm a bit sad to see Walking Dead to end....and absolutely can't wait for this fall! 

Thinking About: House hunting. We are looking around at rental duplexes, and houses near Stu's work. We are hoping to cut down on Stu's commute time, and save on gas. We are also outgrowing the place we are currently living in. The area we are looking at is really nice, and I'd love to be back in the area for a bit while. There is even a potential duplex that we are looking at right now, and won't find out until end of this week if we end up securing it or not. Keeping our fingers crossed that this will be end of our house hunting.

Looking Forward To: Warm weather, long walks, playing outside with Forrest, campfire, Smores, moving to a bigger place, not being heavily pregnant this summer (last summer kind of sucked with me being so pregnant and dealing with hot weather), Forrest getting better, hanging clothes on the cloth line, longer evenings, cook-outs, and oh, so many more!

Making Me Happy: My wonderful family, my friends, and knowing that summer is just around the corner!