Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Belated Easter

Our Easter weekend was lovely. I wish I had pictures to post. Next time, I will need to do that. Forrest had so much fun army-crawling, and playing with his cousins. He was doted on by everybody. It was nice for Mama to just kick back, and relax while leaving up cooking to Bobbie. A lot of delicious food was eaten, and a lot of great company to be enjoyed up at the Farm. It was good to get away from the city, and unplug from the internet, and everything else in life. I think Stu really enjoyed this time off from his otherwise hectic schedule as well! 

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter as well! 

While it was nice to get away from life for a short while, we had to come back to reality at some point, right, and that reality was Forrest getting a cold! Poor guy. I was up quite a lot last night consoling my sick little baby. 

I will update more tomorrow. I just want to drop in to let know the blogging world that we are alive and well.

Hopefully, this little man will sleep better tonight.