Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Rambling On

Among the messy chaos of boxes stacked up everywhere, and taking up space that we do not have, our dog is placidly sitting on the floor underneath the ray of sunshine that is sadly disappearing among the gray skies, and I find that I am wishing for the sun to come back. I am craving a long stroll with Forrest through a park before we move. Unfortunately, it may not be in the cards for this week seeing that it is forecasted that it will rain all week long. Come on, April. Where is our promised spring weather? 

Packing is going so slowly. It is hard to be able to tear myself away to pack when I have a little baby that wants my attention. Thankfully, Forrest is pretty chill, and can keep himself entertained, but like many other babies; he does need me. I can't lose myself in the task like I did pre-baby. Fortunately, my mom, and my good friend are coming up to help relieve some of baby duty over span of the month. I should be able to get this, and that packed by end of this month. 

Stu, and I are planning on getting rid of TV once we move into our new home. We are not big TV watchers by all the means, and I am not sure why we even have TV in the first place. Most of the shows on TV these days are pure trash. We do have our favorite shows that we will miss once we kick DirectTV to the curb like the Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. Besides those two, I don't think I am going to miss TV very much. I am much more of a movie person than I am a TV person. We are indecisive between Hulu Plus, and Netflix. I may have to ask around to get feedback to see which one is most recommended, and liked. 

I used to have a subscription to Netflix, and enjoyed it. I loved catching up on old episodes especially Star Trek Next Generation. Because of that, I wouldn't mind going back to Netflix subscription.

The only disadvantage I see with Netflix is that they do not have updated TV shows on the hand like Hulu does, and the streaming live does not have closed captioning. I'm not sure about Hulu at this moment, and their stance with closed-captioning. It is something I need to look into. 

Our pets seem to know that something is up. They don't understand what is going on, obviously, and even so, they know something is up because of the array around the house. Missy is taking a full advantage of the stacked boxes by sitting atop of them, staring down at inferior beings beneath her--oh what a typical cat she is--and her green eyes glaring softly as she preens herself. Mr. Jinxy is slightly more apprehensive by the upcoming change in his environment, and has retreated to our bedroom. 

I am not looking forward to stuffing Mr. Jinxy in his cat carrier. The last move did not fare well for him, and I. He barely could fit inside the cat carrier due to his large nature, and I had multiple scratches to show for it. I need to be creative and find a different way to transport Mr. Jinxy. I'm not that worried about them adjusting to their new home. They will adapt, and adjust. It is Layla that I am slightly apprehensive about. She does struggle with being in new environment. It means I'll have to re-teach her boundaries, and rules all over again. I expect her to act up, and be a cranky old dog until she is comfortably settled in.

I'm running a bit dry on creative juice for writing posts from being so busy trying to keep everything together for the big move. Care to bear with me for a while?