Monday, April 15, 2013

Life is Good

That's kind of how my kitchen looks like right now. Mind you, the picture is not mine, and those cats are not even mine. But that is what my cats are doing. Laying on top of the boxes on top of our kitchen table. Owning it like bosses. Our cats are unfazed by our growing array of boxes everywhere. I think they are actually in heaven; pouncing, leaping from one box to another especially at the dizzying height, scratching their paws up and down, rubbing their noggins or chins against the corners of the boxes, and luxuriously napping on their makeshift beds. 

Rest of us? 

We are feeling pretty crowded. I think at this point, we can qualify for the show, The Hoarders, given with this mess we are living in. I'm anxious to get a green light from our new landlord to start hauling the boxes into our new home. Hopefully, this weekend, we should be able to start doing just that. Then we all will get much-needed breathing space in our cramped quarters. 

This past weekend, we needed to get out of the house. Especially me, being a stay-at-home mom--it gets tiring dealing with maneuvering, and dealing with boxes being in the way, and not being able to get out of the house for a short while thanks to our bipolar Wisconsin weather not wanting to warm up for spring. Stu, Forrest, and I headed out of the house for a few hours to shop. 

We finally spent Stu's gift cards from Christmas. He ended up buying a new pair of running shoes, and insisted to also buy me a pair of Nike running shoes. I tried to tell him it was not necessary, and he pointed out at my deteriorating gym shoes. It was just minutes away from falling apart. He was right; I needed a new gym shoes, and I settled for a black-pink combo shoes. Hey, those shoes made me feel pretty fly. 

Then we headed over to Best Buy. Stu ended up ordering Roku 3 streaming player. On a whim, we decided to buy a new TV on sale. We were meaning to buy a new TV for some time now. You see, we had a huge boob tube TV sitting on top of Stu's dresser. That thing was as heavy as 3 dead bodies. For real. We didn't want to have to haul that heavy thing to our new house. In my mommy's mind, I was also paranoid that it might fall down on Forrest when he came to be walking age, and wanted to shake the dresser (not that the dresser is easily shaken--it is very sturdy but you never know...). 

We stopped at Cold Stone Creamery (my favorite desert shop ever) for a huge tub of birthday cake batter remix ice cream. We shared it with Forrest, and man; he went town on it, and turned into a greedy salivating monster. He tried to grab our spoons with every chance with a hope of bringing it toward his gaping mouth. When he failed, Forrest kicked his legs furiously, and squealed like a stuck pig until he got what he wanted! We were laughing, trying so hard not to dribble ice cream down our chins, and made fools out of ourselves in the middle of a mall. Needless to say, Forrest was sugar high for a short while on the way home (as evidenced by his noisy babbling, and shaking car seat). We had a good laugh once again. 

Once we got home; I posted our TV up for sale on Craiglist along with our large dresser, and prayed to Craiglist gods that someone wanted to pick up either one of them or both. Stu decided to look around for a dishwasher, and ended up finding one for a decent price! He went ahead, and contacted the seller. By next day, we had a new-used dishwasher for our new home, and Stu said it was my Mother's Day gift! Rock on. No more hand-washing the dirty dishes!! Who knew that this would make me so happy? 

I learned that our brand-new bed will be arriving on next Friday, and that also made me really happy.

Everything is going as planned, and everything is falling in together despite the stress of moving. Life is good. 


  1. Oh what I wouldnt give for a dishwasher! haha, its amazing how something like that can make a world of difference to a mom/woman! I h.a.t.e. moving!! Ive done it so much in my recent life. 10 times in the past 7 years... We are staying where we are until we outgrow this house, so that helps I suppose. :) great blog! Glad things are going well!

  2. It sounds so exciting! Forrest and his ice cream made me laugh, he must have been so cute! I lived with out a dishwasher until we moved into our new house almost 2 years ago. I don't know how I handled washing by hand for so long.

    I hope you get to move soon and things continue to go well for you and your family!