Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Look & Beco Soliel Carrier

Hello! I hope you like the new look of my blog! I wanted simplicity, and clean-cut look. As much as I liked my previous layout, I felt it still did not reflect what I wanted out of my blog. It didn't quite get to the core of my personality. It did help me to figure what I wanted, and what I did not like for my blog. I knew I wanted less cluttered appearance, and finally found a perfect layout through a really awesome designer: Carrie Loves Design. She was pretty effective, quick, and got bottom to what I asked from her. 

Back to my regular old stuff....

I am quite happy with the amount of tax return that we will be getting this year. As practical as we are, we planned on putting that to good use, such as paying for Stu's grad school semester, putting some money in our retirement fund, and college fund for our little boy, and with some left over money, we have decided to go ahead to get a baby...erm, I mean toddler carrier for hiking. 

I contribute a lot to Dad for my love of nature. Dad was always taking Alex, my brother, and I out to River Bend to hike, explore, and play in the Woods. Dad also took us camping quite often during my childhood years. I loved the smell of dew in the morning, watching pan fish's shiny scales reflect the sun as it gets unhooked by Dad's nimble fingers, swimming in the pond with Alex, and imagining that we were digging for dinosaur fossils in the gravel paths of our campground. Matter of fact, one of my favorite memories have always been traipsing through the woods, picking up fallen green walnut balls, and stuffing them into large black trash bags. Then we would take the bags to my grandpa's house, where he will cut open the hard exterior to get to the shells inside, and mix them up to be eaten. Throughout the childhood into teenage years, I often went to Lion's Camp every summer, and there, I had a lot of great memories of canoeing, swimming, camping, and swapping stories around the fire pit. 

Thanks to Dad, I could not imagine exposing Forrest to nature. It is very important to me that he has same experiences as I did; to fish, to camp, to swap stories around a fire pit, to eat S'mores, camp food, sleep in a tent or under the stars, and explore nature during the hikes. 

Since we are moving to an area with a lot of parks with paths through the woods; I immediately knew that I had to take advantage of this, and start exposing Forrest to nature at a young age. I started researching for a decent carrier that was able to comfortably support a toddler up to 45 pounds, and came across to Soleil Beco carrier. It was the one I wanted. 

Of course, I have to wait on ordering this until we are all settled in our new house. Speaking about that...packing is going well. We are finally seeing the light at end of tunnel. This weekend, we should be able to start hauling boxes into our new home! About the time.......

I could imagine right there walking with Forrest hanging out on my back as we walked through the woods with Layla. 


  1. This looks similar to an ergo carrier-which we loved and used with lukey until he was about 3. Only stopped because we just use his feet now :)

  2. Love the new look of the blog. Love reading about the carrier, wish mine would sit in one, she'd have a cow though. Ha! Enjoy those parks :)