Tuesday, May 21, 2013

9 Months Old

Dear Forrest,

You are nine months old. Time is going too quickly for Mama's liking. At this time last year, Mama was approaching the end of the second trimester with you growing inside her belly, and dealing with one of the hottest summers that Wisconsin has ever seen. Your first birthday is only a few months away, and Mama is having a mixed feeling about it. A part of her is so blessed that you are thriving, doing so well, and growing into a toddler, and other part of her is sad that your babyhood is nearly over.

You adjusted to the move pretty well! Memaw watched you for most part, and helped Mama cleaning and packing up the old place. It helped so much that you were easy-going, and laid-back. Mama had a lot done thanks to you being a great little bud! You were wide-awake the whole day on Friday of the move day, and did not want to nap despite having a little cot set up for you. Mama supposed there was too much commotion going on, and you had to check them out.  Finally, you conked out, and got much-needed nap.Daddy and Mama was busy over the weekend trying to get everything settled down, and old place cleared out before the deadline. You were entertained by Memaw, and your great-aunts. You had fun playing in a baby pool at the hotel. However, you did not like sprinkles in the baby pool.

Meal schedule: Breakfast (oatmeal with fruit, scrambled eggs), Lunch (bits of apple, huumus, bread pieces, pasta), Dinner (whatever your parents are having).

Your first meat was Salmon. To Mama's great surprise, you loved it, and could not have enough of it. When you are old enough, perhaps you will come to like crab legs, Calamari, and seafood just like your parents? You were not a fan of tinned Tuna even though Mama encouraged you to eat them for a few days. She did not blame you though. It certainly does smell like a cat food. At least you tried! Perhaps you would have a better reaction to fresh tuna fillet? You liked chicken, and turkey deli meats. Daddy made you pancakes, and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and dubbed it Pancake Saturdays. You loved them especially the scrambled eggs! 

Mama is looking forward to giving you vegetables from Gramps Dave's garden, and farmer's market this summer. She has a lot of vegetable ideas lined up on the menu for you! Grilled Zuchhini is among of those few ideas, which happens to be one of Mama's favorite way of cooking up vegetables. On top of sampling variety of yummy food, you are still on the primary source of food which is boob milk.

You are able to pull yourself up on things with an ease. Sometimes you like to give yourself push-ups while hanging on the table; bending your legs, then straightening them, and bending them. It is funny to watch. Mama calls that your Rocky work-out mode! What comes your attempts of cruising with is a lot of falling down which strikes fear into Mama's heart sometimes especially when you bang your head so hard that you wail on top of your lungs. You cry for only a minute then go back at it again! People are really right when they claim that boys are rough! You are starting to crawl on your knees and hands even though you still prefer to army-crawl. 

You have yet to sleep through the night. Your sleeping schedule varies from night to night based on your last nursing session. If you nurse at 10 pm then you get up at 4 am. If you nurse at 7:30 pm then you get up at 3 am. Then you'll go back to sleep until 6 or 6:30 am. You are an early riser! You love to sleep on your stomach with your butt up in the air! Mama isn't sure how you find that so comfortable, but it is for you.

Your first spoken word is mama! Matter of fact, you are among the 1% of babies that spoke mama first. When Mama leaves your sight, you call out mama mama mama mama until she returns. Mama is trying to teach you to connect your speaking mama to signing mama. It is a work in the progress. You have not quite figured out that Mama is Deaf. In time, you will, and may try to out-smart Mama! 

You have not learned any new signs yet, even though you are diligently watching Mama and Daddy talking with their hands. You have not signed Milk in a long time. Stubborn little grasshopper that you are! Mama is teaching you sleep time, milk, eat, all done, more, and bath. Mama doesn't expect you to understand, and respond anytime soon. Most of signing start to emerge between 9 to 12+ months. She is patiently awaiting for you to sign more! 

You felt grasses for the first time in your little precious life. Daddy took you outside to the backyard, and put you on the grass. You were fascinated by the texture, and tried to eat the grass! Silly boy, you.

You were left with Uncle Spencer, and his girlfriend, Wally while Daddy took Mama to Prom. Daddy had to supervise Prom for work, and thought it was a lovely idea to take Mama with him. Mama did worry a bit about you because this was the longest she was away from you! She knew you were in a great hands, and sure enough, you were! You did give Uncle Spencer run for his money around bedtime, and stubbornly tried to stay up late. Uncle Spencer had several tricks up his sleeves so you were out and stayed asleep until Mama came home. You certainly did love being around Uncle Spencer, and Wally.

You have your FIRST TOOTH! You had a particularly rough night, and your parents were not sure what was bothering you. They tried everything for you, and you were quite upset. Finally, they gave you a liquid Tylenol, and Mama's friend held you in the rocker until 1 am when you finally fell asleep. After that, you acted like your normal self, and Mama dismissed that experience as a potential bad reaction to food you ate. How wrong Mama was. You continued to have a rough few nights, but none as bad as that first night. Before Mama's and Daddy's eyes; your little tooth emerged out of your pink drooly bottom gum, and you had your first front tooth! For the most part, you were a great teether thus far. It was possible that you even had a second tooth coming in, but your parents were not too sure about that just yet.

You attended your first wedding; it was for your second cousin, and you did amazing! You were Mr. Handsome, and everybody absolutely adored you! Of course, that was not a big surprise because you were (and are) a wonderful baby.

Daddy, and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. We love you.

Mama & Daddy

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  1. What a cutie! Doesn't it go by too fast? My littlest baby is 6 1/2 and it's blowing my mind.