Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Don't Buy Me A Pizza Anytime Soon

I am officially sick of pizza. Thank goodness that our kitchen is cleaned up, and ready to be used so I can get back to cooking. Stu is sweet; he said if there is one thing he could live on forever, and it would be pizza. Good for him because as much as I love pizza, I can't just live on it for long as I did, and the sight of pizza is enough to send me running down the street. I am not sure how I lived on pizza and booze back as my primary source of food on the weekends in college! 

The move in is, I would say, about 90% done. Oh my lawd, the weekend especially Friday was hectic as hell. Stu had a team of army helping us haul everything out of the tiny place we were living in, and managed to fill U-Haul truck from top to the bottom. Thankfully the weather was beautiful over the weekend, and we were able to handle the move without much hitch. Over the weekend, we had to make multiple trips from the new house to the old place because we needed to pick up remaining items that didn't fit in the U-Haul truck, and to finish cleaning. Then I realized I forgot our nice silverware! Oops. So I had to go back, and pick it up. 

On top of the chaos, our phones broke! Stu's phone broke because he went into a hot tub with his cell in the pocket. Poor guy's brain was so fried that he didn't realize the cell was in his pocket! So good bye to his phone. He ended up getting a new phone that he liked better than his first phone. Score! phone decided to just die? It refused to be charged, and barely gave a glimmer of life when it was plugged in for a few hours. God. Just one more crap on the cracker, really. I decided to roll with the punches, and not to fight this battle. Fortunately, my phone was still under I planned on going to get it replaced this weekend.

It wasn't the end of the craziness right there. Forrest had a bum rash that kept coming back even though I thought I had kicked it the curb. Poor guy was blistering, and not feeling good. He threw up pretty much after every nursing session. He felt feverish. Forrest's tooth was bothering him. Even with all of this, he was a happy good-luck guy. I decided it was time for him to see Dr. Johnson. Forrest had a quick look-over, and the verdict was the darn tooth causing grief, and causing acidic stomach content in the burning poop. Dr. Johnson gave me a home remedy (cornstarch, Malaxx, and diaper rash of your choice to be mixed together), and send us home. He said that I was doing a great job of taking care of Forrest (aw thanks), and he was not concerned unless if Forrest got a turn for worse. Forrest had been doing great ever since--I still have to get on with the diaper rash cream mixture...will do that today after Forrest wakes up from his nap. 

I'm feeling more rested, and less sleep deprived. My little guy isn't sleeping through the night yet, and gets up once a night to nurse. I don't mind because he's a great napper during the day for most part, and does sleep for long stretches in the between his "midnight" nursing session. I find that, when there's no clock around the room where I am working in, I lose track of time while cleaning and unpacking. Before I know it, it is almost 1 am, and I need to get some sleep! Oops. Then Forrest wakes up an hour later to nurse. I go back to sleep after he is fed, and put down (sometimes changed if he pukes), and wakes up at 7 am to clean more. 

Today is the first time that I get to sleep in until 8 am. Nice. So I am feeling quite rested! I better get back to cleaning and unpacking.

I will post pictures of our new house soon!!! 

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  1. Cant wait for the pics... but moreso because if you post them you are most likely almost 100% settled and boy do you need it!

    PS -- One way to look at it is,,,if you have to be sick of eating something, pizza isn't a bad way to go. LOL.
    What if you had to eat... hmm.. lets see.. tuna helper for days. *wink*