Sunday, May 26, 2013

Enjoying Our Memorial Day Weekend

Holy batman shitzman....Forrest was so crabby this morning. Everything set him off. So off to nap-land he goes while mommy blogs! 

Our Memorial Day weekend is off to really great start. I took Forrest for a hike with Stu, and Turkey (Layla, our Basset). Turkey had a blast running through the prairie, and she spent half of her time rolling around the tall grasses. We were not sure how, but she came home reeking like a skunk? Was that possible that she picked up some emitted skank remnant that a skunk left behind on the grasses? Who knows. 

I used Beco Soliel carrier for the first time with Forrest. I was not sure if I had adjusted it accordingly or well enough because my back was pretty sore by the time we got home from the hiking expenditure. The belt was really low, and practically hung at my butt instead of my waist--my waist have always been really tiny, but my hips flares out. So the belt was sinking down my waist only to be held up by my hips. So that did a number on my bum shoulder. I was a bit disappointed by the carrier because I was hoping to come from this experience pain-free. Perhaps I needed to adjust it differently or find a different position to carry Forrest? 

I'm really hoping to find a solution because it's a nice carrier that we spent quite some money on, and I want to be able to make a few more hiking trips with Forrest this summer. 

A chilly morning gave its way into a warm afternoon. Always. In. Wisconsin. That. Temperature. Goes. From. Cold. To. Hot. Don't ask. It's Wisconsin thing. I have no clue why it is that so. 

We attended Stu's co-worker and a friend's baby shower-ish? Not sure what to call it because it was not a baby shower, but a reason for friends to get together, and create adorable onesies for our friend's baby due next month! We had fun eating muchines all afternoon, chatting, playing an adult version of Apple to Apple (gotta find the formal name to it because I really want to get one for ourselves), and creating art on baby onesies. It was truly one of the most fun hang-outs I have had in a long while! 

Today, Stu promised me that we will clear out remaining boxes, and clutter to be put away in the basement, and to fix up the basement. We are already talking about cleaning up our patio to set up chairs and table for outdoor dinners. I am eyeing $5 torch sticks at Kmart, and thinking about buying them to go with our patio. The only disadvantage to our patio is that we have several huge elm trees in our backyard that just happens to litter its seeds all over the patio. I have to sweep the deck daily to let the cats lounge in the sun, and to avoid them from becoming fine soggy mess in event of rain. 

I also plan on making very delicious summer spring rolls. I'm craving for light crispy snack that I can share with Forrest, and maybe Stu. I'm kidding. Of course, he will be included. It's my first summer bucket list off to a good start (trying out a new recipe every week). Well, technically, second because I made this really delicious Southern Iced Tea...sooooooooooo good....that Stu, and I got hooked to. 

Forrest will be helping me to plant herbs this weekend. Other bucket list item to be crossed off on my list, and more yummy addition to be put in my cooking this summer! I hope that sun will stay out longer in the next few days for us to accomplish this task. 

This move to Ripon is turning out to be a really good decision for us. Stu is home later in the mornings, and earlier in the evenings despite his crazy schedule. There is so much to do in this community, and it has a really nice sense of small-town feeling yet not too small to be bored. We are already gaining a circle of friends. I am starting to set up plans from my summer bucket list (as you've already seen from me mentioning it a couples time already...excited much, eh?) , and I am quite excited about that.

I leave you with a picture of Forrest playing in a cardboard box. I am not sure what it is about boxes that is so appealing to babies, but they happen to be so! Enjoy the rest of your memorial day weekend!


  1. The only carrier we have so far is the Moby. I am looking forward to doing some yard work with Liam in tow. :) I have a few herbs i need to plant yet as well, but i cant seem to get down and weed out the herb bed. I just need rosemary and basil to complete my garden, everything else came back surprisingly. oregano, sage, mint, chives. Yay! :) Ahh, WI weather... lol, it was so nice this afternoon, we grilled out at my mom's house, and then the clouds rolled in and it got a little too cool for her. But it was beautiful none the less.

    I hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic!

  2. The game you played may have been called "Cards Against Humanity". I just played that for the first time last week and it was exactly like an adult version of Apples to Apples. So much fun!!